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Hyena Mozoo (ハイエナモズー Haiena Mozū, 35) is the hyena-theme Super Synthetic Beast of the Dark Science Empire Deathdark

Character History

Attacked a family and change them in to metal eater. Before Makoto Takenaka changed into one Goggle V showed up. Left the fight and hid in a museum as an exhibit. Attacked towns people to make them eat metal. Goggle V attacked back technology and the Golden Spear. Revived by Hyena Kong. After biting Goggle Robo's arm, Goggle V used Hand Missile, Goggle Flash, Victory Punch, and finally defeated by Earth Sword with Electron Galaxy Cut.


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He could use bites called the Hyena Kiss that turned people into hyenas and he could disguise himself as a stuffed dingo.

Behind the Scenes

Concept art


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