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""Yeah Zedd? What do you want this time?""
―The Hydro Hog's first words when being contacted by Lord Zedd.[src]

""Alien Rangers. What took ya? And whose gonna stop me? You?! I doubt that!""
―Hydro Hog when confronted by his archenemies and after Delphine told him that he would destroy Earth.[src]

""Hey! Getta loada me! I'm gonna crush you like sea lice!""
―Hydro Hog when he grew.[src]

""Should I be impressed?""
―Hydro Hog reacting to the Shogun Megafalconzord and his final words before his death[src]

The Hydro Hog was the archenemy of the Aquitian Rangers and was known as the Emperor of the Dark Waters on Aquitar for his evil ways. He was known for having destroyed many planets and is the final antagonist of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers saga.

Character History

The Hydro Hog was first mentioned when Billy asked Cestro, the Blue Alien Ranger, if there were beings like Lord Zedd on Aquitar, to which Cestro told him about the Emperor of Dark Waters, who had the power to evaporate water, making him the Alien Rangers' most dangerous foe as water was the primary source of their power. Overhearing this, Zedd andRita Repulsa decided to bring Hydro Hog to earth so he could finish off the Alien Rangers. Unfortunately, their initially attempt to call the Hydro Hog was thwarted when Alpha 5 blocked the transmission. Still, Zedd refused to give up and vowed to bring Hydro Hog to earth. Sending out another transmission as a decoy, Zedd waited until the Command Center was blocking it before sending out another which reached the Hydro Hog. Feeling there wasn't much fun on Aquitar without the Alien Rangers to beat around, Hydro Hog agreed to Zedd's offer to come to earth and evaporate all its water.

Upon arriving on earth, he was confronted by his mortal enemies. Unfortunately, he was too powerful for the Aquitian Rangers and managed to drain Angel Grove Lake completely dry which crippled the Alien Rangers and he nearly killed them by draining the little moisture they already had out of them. Even though Billy was able to restore them by creating artificial rain clouds, Hydro Hog was easily able to defeat them during a rooftop battle before Rita and Zedd made him grow. The Rangers summon the Shogun Megazord but he easily overwhelmed it with his sword and was even capable of blocking the Fire Saber's finisher and delivering a counter-attack with ease. He easily took it out completely with a devastating puff of fire from his mouth which took it straight out the battle. Unfortunately for Hydro Hog, Billy and the others were watching and used the Falconzord Remote to summon the Falconzord which disarmed him with a single barrage of lasers. Hydro Hog tried to take it out with his fire breath but it easily avoided the explosions before combining into the Shogun Megafalconzord which killed the overly cocky tyrant once and for all. With his death, all of the water that he stole was restored and Aquitar was free of its greatest threat.


As with most other villains, he showed complete disdain for anyone attempting to do good. His hate for the Alien Rangers was evident when Lord Zedd called upon him to drain all of Angel Grove's water so the Rangers could not re hydrate to which he immediately agreed to take this (presumably large) undertaking. He is also quite a cruel sadist, shown to take such glee as he put others in danger and mocking the Rangers as they tried to stop him. Amusingly enough he seems rather jovial around Lord Zedd, in contrast to the two's usual reaction to other evil overlords. His downfall however was his immense cockiness which are best summed up in his final words where, despite being faced by a considerably powerful looking formation, he scoffed at it instead of fleeing which lead to his death.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength: Hydro Hog is one of the strongest and most powerful villains in Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers, being the most powerful villain they actually fought in combat, powerful enough to best all five Alien Rangers in battle and knocking down Crocus and Cestro down with one throw of his anchor. When giant, he was even able to block the Shogun Megazord's Fire Sabre slash with one hand.
  • Durability: Hydro Hog is shown to be durable against physical attacks due to his incredible blubber. He is shown to be immune to almost all attacks such as shrugging off the Aquitar Sabres, multiple punches and kicks from Aurico, a series of jump kicks right to his chest from Aurico, and even the Falconzord's missiles without a scratch. According to Corcus, the Battle Borgs were never capable of killing this monster which implies that not even their cheerleader attack finisher was able to get through to him. His only weakness is having immense amounts of energy fired at him, as shown by the Shogun Megafalconzord being able to kill him.
  • Super Speed: Despite his appearance, Hydro Hog can run in a surprisingly fast speed and could dodge slashes from the Rangers when they leapt at him.
  • Teleportation: Hydro Hog can teleport to any location at will using an animation resembling a large splash of water.
    • Instantaneous Teleportation-Hydro Hog can instantly teleport around the battlefield which he did to avoid a slash from both Delphine and Tideus before knocking them down.
  • Water Drain: Hydro Hog can absorb huge gallons of water from other places by summoning water spouts to suck away the moisture..
  • Dehydrate Touch-Hydro Hog's signature "attack" of sorts. By placing ether his left or right hand on a victim, Hydro Hog can dehydrate foes of water. This could even work through his feet.
  • Fire Breath: Hydro Hog can spew out flames from his mouth which proved to be hos most powerful attack since it was powerful enough to take down all five Rangers and render the Shogun Megazord immobile and cause large explosions around the Falconzord on it's approach.


  • Hydro Sword: Hydro Hog carries a long sword to aid him in combat.
  • Water Bombs-The Hydro Hog can extract bombs resembling sea mines from the plates on his shoulder and fling them forth to cause large explosions.
  • Aquitian Saber-During the battle at the lake, Hydro Hog was able to steal Cestro and Tideus' Aquitian Saber from the sheathes on thier backs and use it against them and the others.
  • Anchor-During his second and final battle, Hydro Hog wielded a giant metal anchor which he could both throw hard enough to take down Crocus and Cestro with one hit and swing to knock down Delphine and Tideus.

Behind the Scenes



  • If Hydro Hog is indeed seen as a main villain, he is the shortest lasting villain of the whole franchise, appearing for and being destroyed after only three episodes (the second villain later on would be Omni).
  • Hydro Hog is based on the Japanese Legendary creature, the Umibōzu.
  • He was the first arch-villain to be destroyed in battle, with the second, and more well-known one, being King Mondo.
  • In Ninja Sentai Kakuranger, Hydro Hog's counterpart is a monster of the day character as opposed to being a main villain. This makes him the first minor monster in Super Sentai to appear as a main villain in Power Rangers.

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