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"What are you doing?"
―After seeing Bridge throwing a car at her.[src]

"Based on the evidence that I've gathered, I have absolutely no doubt you'll be found... guilty."
―Final verdict that's performed by Bridge.[src]

Hydrax is a Fernovian intergalactic bank robber from the planet Fernovia. She is the main antagonist in the Episode "A-Bridged".


Hydrax in a containment card

Having stolen from many intergalactic banks, Hydrax was being hunted down all over the universe with a large reward for her capture. One particularly bounty hunter, T-Top was chasing her desperate to collect Hydrax’s bounty and became rich, so Hydrax fled to Earth to try and get away. However, T-Top got to Earth as well so Hydrax disguises herself as a human named Diane and pays off Broodwing to frame T-Top for breaking into another bank. However, the Green Ranger foils her plans and she is brought down by the Canine Cannon and contained by Bridge using the Judgement scanner. Hydrax is later cloned by Slate and Morgana, but is destroyed by the S.P.D. Battlizer.


Hydrax is a greedy and selfish monster who is dangerous. She is quite pompous and arrogant however she is manipulative and cunning as well as cruel, not caring if T-Top might have to spend his whole life in a containment card for crimes he never even committed. She is afraid of the law and does not want to be punished for her crimes, she also values her freedom as when shown in a containment card months after her capture, she is still shown trying to escape the card with ridiculous methods, but to no avail.

Powers and Abilities



  • Shapeshifting: Hydrax is a Fernovian, a species apparently capable of changing their form at will, as shown when she turned into a human named Diane, who was considered quite attractive by Jack Landors and Sky Tate.
  • Water Blast: Hydrax can generate high-pressure water blasts from her hands or fingers which according to Bridge, can slice through any object, including a bank vault and a car.


  • Super Strength: Hydrax has super strength, capable of throwing around Bridge and kicking him in the stomach knocked him far away.
  • Speech: Hydrax is able to talk despite lacking a visible mouth in her true form.
  • Sword Summoning: Hydrax can summon her sword at will.


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  • Plant Sword: Hydrax has a large green plant-like sword that she can use in combat.



  • 5 counts of bank robbery (found guilty).
  • False incrimination of another alien.
  • Impersonating a witness.
  • Assaulting an officer of the law.
  • Identity theft.

Behind the Scenes


Hydrax is portrayed by Sarah Thomson, who later portrayed Fran and Lepus in Power Rangers Jungle Fury.


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