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Hyde Gene (ハイド・ジーン, Haido・Jīn, Movie): A DNA absorbing lifeform from space, collecting the genetic material of the most superior lifeform of a planet before executing genocide.

Character History

Hyde Gene was the true cause of the dinosaur extinction. In the guise of the apparently harmless Muse (ミューズ, Myūzu), she slept until she felt a new superior life emerging. Once awaken, Muse asks the people on Earth to go to her in order to obtain a most valuable Precious, to which the Boukengers, some Combatant Karths and some Jaryuu Soldiers respond. The only one to make it is Satoru Akashi, who learns of Muse/Hyde Gene's intentions. But Kouichi Akashi interfered and Hyde Gene confronts the Boukengers, defeated by the Combination Crash. But Hyde Gene regenerated and, deciding to destroy the human race and find another planet, assumes his true form: Stringross. He was finally destroyed by DaiBouken's Adventure Drive and DaiTanken's Bouken Flash.



Hyde Gene




Stingross up close

  • Hazard Level: ∞
Giant Dragon-shaped Spaceship Stringross (巨大龍型宇宙船ストリングロス Kyodai Ryū-gata Uchūsen Sutoringurosu): An ancient sentient spacecraft which came to Earth and the true form of the monster Hyde Gene, who had come to the planet to seek the strongest creature to merge with it, leading to it making the dinosaurs go extinct at one point. Although luring many to try and reach it within it's docile form of "Muse", the Boukengers finally catch on and stop Hyde Gene, forcing it to revert to it's most powerful form. Though defeating Ultimate DaiBouken on it's own, the Boukengers are forced to use the five utility mechs to merge into DaiTanken, which defeats the ancient monster.




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