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Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai (百獣戦隊ガオレンジャーVSスーパー戦隊 Hyakujū Sentai Gaorenjā tai Sūpā Sentai) is the 25th anniversary movie of the Super Sentai franchise. It is the first Vs. movie, followed by Boukenger vs. Super Sentai, in which the current team do not team up with the previous team, rather a veteran team composed of Rangers from various Sentai. The film was released on Blu-ray on March 23, 2016.


The Gaorangers start off by fighting the Demon Tribe Org until a great monster named Rakushasa has awaken from his hibernation. He is nothing like what the Gaorangers have ever fought before, as he's stronger and deadly than the other monsters they have fought before. Upon retreating the Gaorangers seem to have lost hope when they encountered a mysterious monk who tells them about the Sentai Rangers that have fought before they became Sentai Rangers. They were baffled about there being other rangers besides them. Right until their G-Phones started to move on their own each of their G-Phones lead them to the whereabouts of an different ex-sentai ranger of a different team. Each of these rangers teach them what it takes to be a Sentai Ranger. Will these ex-rangers be able to help the Gaorangers defeat Rakushasa? And who is the mysterious monk who knows all about the Sentai Rangers of the past?


When the Gaorangers engage in another battle with the Org Dukes Yabaiba and Tsue-Tsue, the two manage to summon the Lost Highness Rakushaasa, an Org Duke who can siphon the fighting spirit out of his opponents. Rakushaasa lends his power to Yabaiba and Tsue-Tsue, enabling them to defeat the Gaorangers. He then attacks and drains Gao Yellow (Gaku Washio), Gao Blue (Kai Samezu) and Gao Black (Sotaro Ushigome) of their battle spirits, leaving them in a state of near panic. Gao Red (Kakeru Shishi) quickly orders Gao White (Sae Taiga) to escort the other Gaorangers to safety as he continues to battle Rakushaasa alone.

Rakushaasa subjects Gao Red to several illusion-based battles with previously vanquished Org Dukes, attempting to drive him to despair. Meanwhile, the shaken Gaorangers are suddenly confronted by a wandering monk, who tells them of the existence of Super Sentai, teams of multi-colored warriors of whom the Gaorangers are the latest version. Each of the Gaorangers' G-Phones then scurries off, causing the Gaorangers to chase them.

The scurrying G-Phones lead each Gaoranger to a member of a previous Super Sentai team. Gaku is led to Yuusuke Amamiya, Red Falcon of Choujuu Sentai Liveman, who gives him a training lesson in swordsmanship and explains the Super Sentai's expertise with Swords. Kai encounters Daimon Tatsumi, Go Yellow of Kyuukyuu Sentai GoGoFive, who explains how each Sentai team develops fighting techniques. Sotaro is led to Gouki, Ginga Blue of Seijuu Sentai Gingaman, who teaches Gao Black about the Sentai use of physical strength. Sae meets Miku Imamura, Mega Pink of Denji Sentai Megaranger, who explains the strengths and abilities of female Super Sentai members.

The two women are then surprised by Yabaiba and Tsue-Tsue, but the two Org Dukes are then challenged by the wandering monk, who reveals himself to be Banba Soukichi, Big One of J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai. Banba and Miku help Sae rescue an exhausted Kakeru from Rakushaasa's clutches, and the heroes are quickly joined by the rejuvenated Gaorangers and their Super Sentai teachers.

As the former Super Sentai (led by Banba) engage and destroy Rakushaasa's hastily summoned force of Org Dukes, the Gaorangers battle and defeat Yabaiba, Tsue-Tsue and Rakushaasa. Rakushaasa then summons more power, growing to giant size and attacking the city. He easily defeats the Gaorangers' Gao Muscle, but is driven back by an onslaught unleashed from an array of transforming mecha and special vehicles from Super Sentai history. The Gaorangers then summon Gao King, which is then imbued with energy from past Super Sentai combined mecha forms. Gao King then unleashes a powerful blast that annihilates Rakushaasa's giant form.

But Rakushaasa is not destroyed; he rejuvenates himself by draining power from a fleeing Yabaiba and Tsue-Tsue and attacks the Super Sentai. The former Sentai explain that the Gaorangers need to summon Super Sentai Tamashii, the pure fighting spirit that imbues all of the teams. To help inspire them, Red Falcon summons 23 other Red Warriors from all the previous Super Sentai teams, from Akarenger of Himitsu Sentai Gorenger to Time Red of Mirai Sentai Timeranger. Their presence inspires the Gaorangers to summon Super Sentai Damashi from within themselves, which Kakeru uses to finally disintegrate Rakushaasa.

With Rakushaasa's defeat, all the former Super Sentai vanish. Returning to their home base, the Gaorangers find their mentor Tetomu in a faint; she vaguely remembers seeing Rakushaasa's appearing but quickly dismisses it as a bad dream. It's left to Gaoranger's narrator to assure the team (and the viewer) that the adventure was real.



GaoRed Kakeru Shishi
GaoYellow Gaku Washio
GaoBlue Kai Samezu
GaoBlack Soutarou Ushigome
GaoWhite Sae Taiga

Dream Sentai

The Dream Sentai.

Big One Sokichi Banba
Red Falcon Yusuke Amamiya
MegaPink Miku Imamura
GingaBlue Gouki
GoYellow Daimon Tatsumi

Red Warriors

GaoRed and his predecessors.

Akarenger Tsuyoshi Kaijo
Spade Ace Goro Sakurai
Battle Japan Masao Den
DenziRed Ippei Akagi
VulEagle Takayuki Hiba
GoggleRed Ken'ichi Akama
DynaRed Hokuto Dan
Red1 Shirou Gou
ChangeDragon Hiryuu Tsurugi
Red Flash Jin
Red Mask Takeru
Red Turbo Riki Honoo
FiveRed Gaku Hoshikawa
Red Hawk Ryu Tendo
TyrannoRanger Yamato Tribe Prince Geki
RyuuRanger Ryo of the Heavenly Fire Star
NinjaRed Sasuke
OhRed Goro Hoshino
Red Racer Kyosuke Jinnai
MegaRed Kenta Date
GingaRed Ryouma
GoRed Matoi Tatsumi
TimeRed Tatsuya Asami

Demon Tribe Org

Allies that appeared in the Clips

Rangers that appeared in the Clips

Aorenger Akira Shinmei
Kirenger Daita Oiwa
Momorenger Peggy Matsuyama
Midorenger Kenji Asuka
Dia Jack Ryu Higashi
Heart Queen Karen Mizuki
Clover King Bunta Daichi
Battle France Kyousuke Shida
Battle Cossack Makoto Jin
Battle Kenya Shirou Akebono
Miss America Maria Nagisa
DenziBlue Daigoro Oume
DenziYellow Jun Kiyama
DenziGreen Tatsuya Midorikawa
DenziPink Akira Momoi
VulShark Kin'ya Samejima
VulPanther Asao Hyou
GoggleBlack Kanpei Kuroda
GoggleBlue Saburou Aoyama
GoggleYellow Futoshi Kijima
GogglePink Miki Momozono
DynaBlack Ryuu Hoshikawa
DynaBlue Yousuke Shima
DynaYellow Kousaku Nangou
DynaPink Rei Tachibana
Green2 Shingo Takasugi
Blue3 Ryuuta Nanbara
Yellow4 Jun Yabuki
Pink5 Hikaru Katsuragi
ChangeGriffon Shou Hayate
ChangePegasus Yuuma Ozora
ChangeMermaid Sayaka Nagisa
ChangePhoenix Mai Tsubasa
Green Flash Dai
Blue Flash Bun
Yellow Flash Sara Tokimura
Pink Flash Lou
Black Mask Kenta
Blue Mask Akira
Yellow Mask Haruka
Pink Mask Momoko
Yellow Lion Jou Ohara
Blue Dolphin Megumi Misaki
Black Bison Tetsuya Yano
Green Sai Jun'ichi Aikawa
Black Turbo Daichi Yamagata
Blue Turbo Youhei Hama
Yellow Turbo Shunsuke Hino
Pink Turbo Haruna Morikawa
Five Blue Ken Hoshikawa
Five Black Fumiya Hoshikawa
Five Pink Kazumi Hoshikawa
Five Yellow Remi Hoshikawa
Black Condor Gai Yuki
Yellow Owl Raita Ooishi
White Swan Kaori Rokumeikan
Blue Swallow Ako Hayasaka
MammothRanger Sharma Tribe Knight Goushi
TriceraRanger Etoffe Tribe Knight Dan
TigerRanger Dime Tribe Knight Boi
PteraRanger Lithia Tribe Princess Mei
DragonRanger Yamato Tribe Knight Burai
ShishiRanger Daigo of the Heavenly Phantom Star
TenmaRanger Shoji of the Heavenly Gravity Star
KirinRanger Kazu of the Heavenly Time Star
HououRanger Lin of the Heavenly Wind Star
KibaRanger Kou of the Howling New Star
NinjaWhite Tsuruhime
NinjaYellow Seikai
NinjaBlue Saizou
NinjaBlack Jiraiya
Ninjaman Ninjaman (on the ending sequence)
OhGreen Shouhei Yokkaichi
OhBlue Yuuji Mita
OhYellow Juri Nijou
OhPink Momo Maruo
KingRanger Riki
Blue Racer Naoki Domon
Green Racer Minoru Uesugi
Yellow Racer Natsumi Shinohara
Pink Racer Youko Yagami
Signalman Signalman (on the ending sequence)
MegaBlack Kouichirou Endou
MegaBlue Shun Namiki
MegaYellow Chisato Jougasaki
MegaSilver Yuusaku Hayakawa
GingaGreen Hayate
GingaYellow Hikaru
GingaPink Saya
Black Knight Hyuuga (on the ending sequence)
GoBlue Nagare Tatsumi
GoGreen Shou Tatsumi
GoPink Matsuri Tatsumi
TimePink Yuuri
TimeBlue Ayase
TimeYellow Domon
TimeGreen Sion
TimeFire Naoto Takizawa

Villains that appeared in the Clips

Monsters that appeared in the Clips




Guest Cast

Suit Actors

Continuity and Placement


Aside from the opening theme, various insert songs from other Sentai appear in this special during various montages. The ending is a brand new song, Moero! Super Sentai Tamashii!!, which is a song that introduces the first 25 Sentai teams and even lists the villains they all faced.


  • August 10, 2001: Rental launch.
  • 2001: VHS release.
  • December 2001: DVD release.


  • Includes clips from every single Super Sentai series from Gorenger to Gaoranger.
  • Hiroshi Miyauchi was the oldest Sentai actor to reprise his role as Sokichi Banba.
  • GoYellow becomes the first Ranger to appear in three consecutives VS Movies with this film.
  • Big One's appearance marks the first time a Ranger from J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai appears as a veteran, as the last appearance of his team (J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai vs. Gorenger) featured them as the "current" team.
  • In the Red roll call, archive clips from Gorenger to Timeranger of the Reds announcing themselves were used.
  • During Yusuke Amamiya's transformation into Red Falcon, the shot of Red Falcon's helmet is taken from the sequence when the Livemen summon the Bimotion Buster, so as to mirror the other Sentai Rangers' transformation sequences with helmet shots.
  • Stock footage of Hiroshi Miyauchi's previous roles, Akira Shinmei from Himitsu Sentai Gorenger and Chief Counsellor Naoyuki Miura from Chouriki Sentai Ohranger, were used.
  • Even though there was no episode of Power Rangers Wild Force that used footage from this film, the episode Forever Red has a similar concept of past Rangers coming back and all Red Rangers being together.
  • Although a number of Sentai heroes appeared untransformed in the clips, most were the female Sentai heroes during a montage of "quick-change" transformation. The only males to appear untransformed in stock footage were Gouki's teammates (Ryouma, Hayate and Hikaru) and Akira Shinmei.
  • Gouki is able to access the Lights of Ginga during the fight scene near the end of the movie, even though Gingaman showed that all 5 members are needed for that to happen.
  • Despite being the team directly preceding the Gaorangers, none of the Timerangers were part of the Dream Sentai team which worked with the Gaorangers. This is the last time a current team does not interact with at least one member of the preceding team.
  • Timeranger is represented by V-Rex, a mecha mainly used by TimeFire, instead of TimeRed's main mecha TimeJet 1.
  • With the exception of Big One, Red Falcon, MegaPink, GingaBlue and GoYellow, each past Sentai warrior was shown in clips when each member of the Dream Team lectured each member of the GoaRangers on certain attributes they possessed.
    • The following Sentai warriors were shown when Miku Imamura (MegaPink) lectured Sae Taiga (GaoWhite) on the past female warriors' ability in disguise as well as their fearlessness in battle:
      • Momorenger
      • Heart Queen
      • Miss America
      • DenziPink
      • GogglePink
      • DynaPink
      • Yellow4
      • Pink5
      • ChangeMermaid
      • ChangePhoenix
      • Yellow Flash
      • Pink Flash
      • Yellow Mask
      • Pink Mask
      • Blue Dolphin
      • Pink Turbo
      • FivePink
      • FiveYellow
      • White Swan
      • Blue Swallow
      • PteraRanger
      • HououRanger
      • NinjaWhite
      • OhYellow
      • OhPink
      • Yellow Racer
      • Pink Racer
      • MegaYellow
      • GingaPink
      • GoPink
      • TimePink
    • The following Sentai warriors were shown when Gouki (GingaBlue) lectured Sotaro Ushigome (GaoBlack) on the past warriors who used their physical strength to defeat their enemies:
      • Kirenger
      • Clover King
      • Battle Cossack
      • DenziYellow
      • GoggleYellow
      • DynaYellow
      • Green Flash
      • Black Mask
      • Black Bison
      • Green Sai
      • FiveBlue
      • Yellow Owl
      • MammothRanger
      • DragonRanger
      • NinjaYellow
      • OhGreen
      • Green Racer
      • MegaBlack
      • GoBlue
      • TimeYellow
    • The following Sentai warriors were shown when Daimon Tatsumi (GoYellow) lectured Kai Samezu (GaoBlue) on the past warriors who possessed skill and technique in their fighting arsenal:
      • Akarenger
      • Aorenger
      • Midorenger
      • Spade Ace
      • Battle Japan
      • Battle Kenya
      • DenziRed
      • DenziBlue
      • DenziGreen
      • VulShark
      • VulPanther
      • GoggleRed
      • GoggleBlack
      • GoggleBlue
      • DynaBlack
      • DynaBlue
      • Green2
      • Blue3
      • ChangeGriffon
      • ChangePegasus
      • Blue Flash
      • Blue Mask
      • Yellow Lion
      • Blue Turbo
      • Yellow Turbo
      • FiveBlack
      • TriceraRanger
      • TigerRanger
      • ShishiRanger
      • TenmaRanger
      • KirinRanger
      • NinjaBlack
      • OhBlue
      • Blue Racer
      • MegaBlue
      • GingaGreen
      • GingaYellow
      • GoGreen
      • TimeBlue
    • The following Sentai warriors were shown when Yusuke Amamiya (Red Falcon) lectured Gaku Washio (GaoYellow) on the past warriors who excelled in great swordmanship on the battlefield:
      • Dia Jack
      • Battle France
      • VulEagle
      • DynaRed
      • Red1
      • ChangeDragon
      • Red Flash
      • Red Mask
      • Red Turbo
      • Black Turbo
      • FiveRed
      • Red Hawk
      • Black Condor
      • TyrannoRanger
      • RyuuRanger
      • KibaRanger
      • NinjaRed
      • NinjaBlue
      • OhRed
      • KingRanger
      • Red Racer
      • MegaRed
      • MegaSilver
      • GingaRed
      • GoRed
      • TimeRed
      • TimeGreen
      • TimeFire


  • In the poster for the movie itself, GaoRed's boot is erroneously colored white instead of red.
  • In the new shot of Red1's pose he has his bio sword and holster on his left side instead of the right.
  • During the Red Ranger roll call, the background often changes between shots of each Ranger as well as between their fellow Red Rangers due to the use of stock footage.
  • A cameraman can be seen on the reflection caused by GaoRed's visor.
  • Red Ladder and V-Fire's wheels do not roll, as they were animated stills.

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