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"Hyakujuu (Hundred-Beast) Fusion! (combination sequence) GaoKing!"
―combination announcement[src]

Hyakujuu Gattai GaoKing (百獣合体ガオキング Hyakujū Gattai GaoKingu) or the "Spirit King" (精霊王, Seirei Ō) is the combination of the five main Gaorangers’ totem Power Animals. GaoKing was first introduced in Episode 2 to fight against Barbwire Org. GaoKing is armed with the Fin Blade (フィンブレード Fin Burēdo) "sword" formed from GaoShark's tail, and he can perform the Shark Shot and Tiger Attack punches with GaoShark and Tiger respectively.

His finishing attack is the Heaven and Earth Roar: Animal Heart (天地轟鳴アニマルハート Tenchi Gōmei: Animaru Hāto), an energy wave fired from the mouths of the component Power Animals. After acquiring Soul Bird to heal an ailing GaoLion, the Animal Heart was upgraded to Heaven and Earth Roar: Super Animal Heart (天地轟鳴スーパーアニマルハート Tenchi Gōmei: Sūpā Animaru Hāto). where GaoBison, Shark, Tiger, and Eagle fire their energy beams to weaken the opponent before GaoLion finishes them off with an energy blast boosted by the Soul Bird's vulcan. When GaoBison was injured during the fight with Lawnmower Org, the Gaorangers made GaoKing do a handstand to perform an upside-down version called Heaven and Earth Reversal: Reverse Animal Heart (天地逆転リバースアニマルハート Tenchi Gyakuten: Ribāsu Animaru Hāto). GaoKing can also perform the Surging Flash: Surging Arrow (怒涛一閃サージングアロー Dotō Issen: Sājingu Arō) finisher where he hurls the Fin Blade like a spear to cleave an opponent in two.

Super Sentai Battle: Dice-O

GaoKing as depicted in Super Sentai Battle: Dice-O.

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After Duchess Org Tsuetsue created the Org Heart that merged the three Highness Dukes' remains into Ultimate Org Senki, and after the other Power Animals were killed, GaoKing's components were able to assemble without the Gaorangers' assistance to protect the world from Senki but was easily overpowered and killed. Eventually GaoKing's components came back to life in the final battle.


When GokaiOh and Gosei Great faced the Black Cross Colossus, the mecha of the first 33 Super Sentai, including GaoKing which possibly manifested from a toy version like DaiDenzin and the Variblune, appeared to back them up. When the Black Cross Colossus summoned several giant villains to oppose them, GaoKing fought alongside Ohranger Robo and ChangeRobo to destroy Buredoran of the Chupacabra. After all the giant villains were destroyed, all 35 mecha weakened Black Cross Colossus with a combined attack before GokaiOh combined with the Variblune to become Goren GokaiOh which destroyed the Black Cross Colossus with the Gokai Hurricane: Cassiopeia finisher. With the battle won, the 33 past Super Sentai mecha vanished. Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle

Additional Combinations

Sword and Shield

"Hyakujuu Armament! GaoKing Sword and Shield!"
―combination announcement[src]

GaoKing Sword & Shield (ガオキングソード&シールド GaoKingu Sōdo ando Shīrudo) is formed when GaoKing combines with GaoElephant, where its body becomes the Elephant Sword (エレファントソード Erefanto Sōdo) and the Elephant Shield (エレファントシールド Erefanto Shīrudo) that is wielded by GaoShark and GaoTiger respectively. His finisher is the Powerful Bisection: Evil Crusher (豪力両断イビルクラッシャー Gōriki Ryōdan: Ibiru Kurasshā) where the Elephant Sword transforms into a bladed whip and flays the opponent. He is first used in Episode 5 against Tire Org.


"Hyakujuu Armament! GaoKing Spear!"
―combination announcement[src]

GaoKing Spear (ガオキングスピアー, GaoKingu Supiā): GaoKing combines with GaoGiraffe by having it replace GaoShark as GaoKing's right arm to create the Giraffe Spear (ジュラフスピアー Jurafu Supiā) armament. His finisher is the Demon Penetration: Neck Thrust (悪鬼貫徹ネックスラスト Akki Kantetsu: Nekku Surasuto) where the Giraffe head is launched like a harpoon, forming a crescent energy blade along its tip to pierce through the Org. He is first used in Episode 7 against the Boat Org.

Double Knuckle

"Hyakujuu Armament! GaoKing Double Knuckle!"
―combination announcement[src]

GaoKing Double Knuckle (ガオキングダブルナックル GaoKingu Daburu Nakkuru): A variation where GaoBear & GaoPolar replace GaoShark and GaoTiger as GaoKing's arms. In this combination; GaoKing gains increased punching power, can use his arms as shields, and attacks with twin beams of heat and cold for the Ice Fang Blaze: Bear Strike (氷牙炎滅ベアーストライク Hyōga Enmetsu: Beā Sutoraiku) finisher.

First used in Episode 9 against Cell Phone Org, the strain of using Double Knuckle, however, placed severe stress on GaoLion and nearly cost him his life. Following the acquirement of GaoGorilla, GaoBear and GaoPolar were used strictly for the formation of GaoMuscle who was able to safely utilize their power. GaoKing, however, can use one of the Bears with no issue, seen later with Animal Tamer Org.


"Hyakujuu Fusion! GaoKing Striker!"
―combination announcement[src]

GaoKing Striker (ガオキングストライカー GaoKingu Sutoraikā): GaoRhinos & GaoMajiro replace GaoBison as GaoKing's legs. He attacks with the Rhinos Kick (ライノスキック Rainosu Kikku) and the Strong Flash: Rhino Shoot (強一閃ライノシュート Kyōshū Issen: Raino Shūto) finisher where Gaomadillo is deployed from the right foot and kicked like a soccer ball into the Org with the Rhino head on the left foot.

He is first used in Episode 23 against GaoHunter by having the two Power Animals replace the injured GaoBison and was used as the primary formation until the latter recovered from his injuries.

Another Arm

Hyakujuu Armament! GaoKing Another Arm (combination announcement)

GaoKing Another Arm (ガオキングアナザーアーム GaoKingu Anazā Āmu): This formation is first used in Episode 28 against Bowling Org by having GaoWolf and GaoHammerhead replace the injured GaoShark and GaoTiger as GaoKing's arms. He uses GaoHunter's Hammer Shot (ハンマーショット Hanmā Shotto) and Wolf Attack (ウルフアタック Urufu Atakku) punches.

In his first appearance, he also used GaoMajiro for the Super-Fast Rotation Tornado: GaoMadillo Spin (超速回転トルネードガオマジロスピン Chōsoku Kaiten Torunēdo: GaoMajiro Supin) finisher, where he throws GaoMajiro like a bowling ball.

Spear & Wolf

"Hyakujuu Armament! GaoKing Spear & Wolf!"
―combination announcement[src]

GaoKing Spear & Wolf (ガオキングスピアー&ウルフ GaoKingu Supiā ando Urufu): A formation used only in Episode 29 against Tombstone Org by replacing GaoHammerhead with GaoGiraffe for the Neck Thrust finisher, though it didn't work and GaoGiraffe was separated from the body in Tombstone Org's counterattack.

Cross Horn

"Hyakujuu Armament! GaoKing Cross Horn!"
―combination announcement[src]

GaoKing Cross Horn (ガオキングクロスホーン GaoKingu Kurosu Hōn): This formation is first used in Episode 29 by having GaoDeer's replace GaoTiger as GaoKing's left arm to create the Deer's Scissors (ディアスシザース Diasu Shizāsu) weapon. He can cast GaoDeers' Capture Ring (キャプチャーリング Kyapuchā Ringu) onto Orgs to trap them and then use Deer's healing powers for the Cleansing Radiance Manifestation: Bubble Capture (清輝顕現バブルキャプチャー Seiki Kengen: Baburu Kyapuchā) finisher where he uses Deer's Scissors to seal the Org inside of a bubble which promptly purifies/destroys it. GaoKing Cross Horn has a second finisher called Natural Reversal: Horn Crash (天地逆転ホーンクラッシュ Tenchi Gyakuten: Hōn Kurasshu) where he uses the Deer's Scissors to grab the Org in a pincer grip before picking it up and spinning it overhead before throwing it to the ground with enough force to destroy it.

Spear and Shield

GaoKing Spear and Shield (ガオキングスピアー&ナックル GaoKingu Supiā ando Nakkuru): This formation has GaoGiraffe replace GaoShark and the Elephant Sword to create this formation. He is used only in Episode 38 when he was created by Animal Tamer Org.

Spear and Knuckle

GaoKing Spear and Knuckle (ガオキングスピアー&ナックル GaoKingu Supiā ando Nakkuru): Another creation of Animal Tamer Org in Episode 38 by having GaoBear and GaoGiraffe as the arms of GaoKing.

Other Combinations

  • GaoKing Swordmaster (ガオキングソードマスター GaoKingu Sōdomasutā)
  • GaoKing Varlituder (ガオキングヴァーリトゥーダー GaoKingu Vāritūdā): This combination is essentially GaoKing Striker Double-Knuckle Swordmaster with GaoCobra (ガオコブラ GaoKobura) in its foot in place of GaoMadillo (which is standard for the Striker legs). Additional parts are shown attached to GaoBear and GaoPolar to enable the use of the Swordmaster weapons from GaoPeacock, but it is not specified whether these are optional parts of GaoPeacock or parts of GaoCobra. There also appears to be plates that attach to the "knees" that show peacock designs on them. GaoCobra separated from the combination is not shown.
  • GaoKing Aquadiver (ガオキングアクアダイバー GaoKingu Akuadaibā)
  • GaoKing Boomerang Arm (ガウキングブーメランアーム GaoKingu Būmeran Āmu')
  • GaoKing Drill Arm (ガウキングドリルアーム, GaoKingu Doriru Āmu)
  • GaoKing Ice Sword Arm (ガウキングアイスソードアーム, GaoKingu Aisu Sōdo Āmu)


Ranger Key

The GaoKing Ranger Key

Mobilates' Gokai Change announcement (toy)[src]

Through the powers of the Phantom Ranger Keys, the Gokaigers can re-create and summon the Greater Power of any Super Sentai team in existence. In Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters vs. Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger: The Movie, the Phantom Ranger Keys reproduced the greater power of the Go-Busters, which allowed their respective mechas to transform to other previous Super Sentai mechas through Megazord keys. Ryuji and Yoko used their Megazord key to transform Go-Buster Lioh into Hyakujuu Gattai GaoKing.


  • GaoKing was the first Sentai mecha to use the gimmick of replacing one or more of his primary components with supplementary units, granting him access to new attacks and powers.

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