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The Hyakkarage (ヒャッカラゲ) are elite Jukkarage who are ten times as strong as their regular counterparts and evidently a hundred times stronger than the original Hitokarage. They serve as the bodyguard for Gengetsu Kibaoni's kin, with a pair of them standing by Ariake no Kata's side following her revival. Later on, when Kibaoni's son, Mangetsu Kibaoni, is born by Ariake, he appears flanked by a cohort of red-belted Hyakkarage.

As part of the Ninningers' plan to fight Mangetsu, AoNinger and KiNinger infiltrate the Hyakkarage, distinguished in that their belts match their respective colors (blue and yellow). Shinobi 39: Kibaoni's Son, Mangetsu Appears!

During the final battle against the Kibaoni Army Corps, the Red Kyuubi, piloted by a Hyakkarage, is unleashed alongside a quartet of Senkarage. They are destroyed by Shurikenjin piloted by KiNinger and ShiroNinger. Soon after, endless Hyakkarage and Jukkarage are spawned by Sakuya Kyuemon as he uses the End Shuriken to flood the world with Yokai in order to destroy the world and create it anew. Shinobi 46: The Last Shuriken Appears! The six Ninningers fight through the Kibaoni army and, after defeating both Sakuya Kyuemon and Gengetsu Kibaoni, use the End Shuriken to wish for a world without the End Shuriken, thus reversing the damage it has done and finally wiping out the Yokai horde. Shinobi Final Chapter: To a Future Without Hiding, Wasshoi!


Red Kyuubi and Senkarage

A quartet of Senkarage alongside the Red Kyuubi.

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The Senkarage (センカラゲ) are giant Hyakkarage with the kanji for thousand ( sen) on their jackets.

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The name for the Hyakkarage comes from the Japanese words "hundred" ( hyaku) and "Jippahitokarage" (十把一絡げ lit. "lumping together").


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