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"Hunger Monger. Monger!"
―Hungry Monger's first words[src]

Hungry Monger (ハラペコモンガー Harapeko Mongā, 26) is a food-theme Monger of the Machine Empire Black Magma

Character History

Hungry Monger is created by Queen Hedrian to distribute its Hunger Bacteria alongside Amazon Killer to multiple people of note, including a politician, a tennis star, a scientist, and Asao and Misa of Sun Vulcan; the intent being to invite them to a special dinner where their endless appetite will allow them to absorb enough of a special iron mineral to mutate them into "iron humans". When Sun Vulcan first encounter the Monger, it uses its pepper to escape before they can discover any more about it.

After an investigation by Arashiyama discovers the Hunger Bacteria, an antidote is quickly devised to allow for Asao and Misa to investigate Amazon Killer's dinner party without being affected by the microbe and without Black Magma realizing. After initial difficulty, Misa uses a signal to allow Takayuki and Kin'ya to follow along (and infiltrating through disguises), allowing for the seizing of the mansion in the morning. Hungry Monger fights Sun Vulcan, first in a Vulcan Ball battle and even nearly cooking up Asao to eat at one point before the team finish it off with the Vulcan Ball finisher, then with Sun Vulcan Robo after its Expansion Program activates.


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His main ability is a special "Hunger Bacteria" from his hands which can spread into places to infect victims including food, water, and the air. This bacteria allows for anyone infected to eat non-stop without feeling any end to their starvation. He also has multiple culinary abilities including attacking with pepper shaker, egg bombs, and summoning a bowl and table. He also has a falcata that can emit explosions on contact.

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