This article is about a/an Precious in GoGo Sentai Boukenger.

Hundred-Demons Mirror

  • Hazard Level: Unknown/0

The Hundred-Demons Mirror (百鬼鏡 Hyakki-kagami) is a Precious mirror. Although legends claimed that this Precious was used to seal away an army of demons, the truth is that it actually was used to seal away the Ashu Tribe, a deviant evolution of humanity known to have become the monsters and demons of legend.

Initially discovered by the Dark Shadow for their own usage, it is quickly noticed by two Ashu, Furious Demon God Gai and Hyouga, as well as by Eiji Takaoka, a watcher trying to defeat them. The Boukengers appear to gain the mirror for themselves, but Eiji takes it under their grasps believing that he could use the mirror as bait to draw out and defeat the Ashu duo. However the Ashu end up taking the mirror as well as Natsuki, realizing her potential power and blood could be used to open the mirror gate and release all of the Ashu locked away. They end up freeing ultimately one Ashu, the horrible leader Grand Beast Rei, before the Boukengers arrive to stop them from releasing more. After freeing Natsuki, she ends up holding down the mirror before Eiji destroys it with his staff. After the battle, Eiji gives the now broken mirror Precious to the Boukengers, seeing as it had no further use. Task 17: The Ashu Mirror

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