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"Kids today are too bold.Back in the day, they would be afraid of me. I'm hopeless."
―Human Body Specimen Org's first words
"Why do they say the cup of ramen is is tasty when boiled on the gas burners in the science classroom?"
―Human Body Specimen Org's final words before his initial demise

Though a loser Org who acquired a skeleton, TsueTsue decide to use him in a scheme to win Ura's favor by setting up a haunted house to lure the Gaorangers into their trap. But the Gaorangers' turn the tables on the Orgs, resulting in a fight between the two present groups until Rouki arrives to kill the Gaorangers himself, with Rouki wounding Human Specimen Org and forcing the Orgs to retreat. Though Yabaiba was attempted, TsueTsue reasons him that the Org deserves another chance, which ended with the Org killed by the Hyakujuuken and then by GaoKing.



  • Human Body Specimen Org were designed by character designer Yoshiro Harada.

concept art

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