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Horseshoe Crab Monger (カブトガニモンガー Kabutogani Mongā, 22) is the horseshoe crab-theme Monger of Machine Empire Black Magma

Character History

Horseshoe Crab Monger was created to help protect the Zero Girls in their development of a manganese petrification compound to turn objects into living fossils; however it typically spent most of its time drinking the compound for itself, ignoring when a leak within the plant they were creating it in falls into the river. When a fisherman (who happens to be the baker at a store near Snack Safari) discovers fish in the river being petrified, the Monger petrifies him, completely stopping his movement but with his heart and brain functions still working keeping him alive. When Misa and Asao come to rescue him for his daughter, he attacks VulPanther making some of his limbs become petrified by the spray while the girl ultimately becomes captured. VulPanther, VulShark and Misa ultimately catch up with her, where they discover the spray does not work due to the chemistry of tears which makes it fall apart, forcing the Zero Girls and the Monger after them. After the destruction of the plant, which likewise leads to the death of Zero Girls leader Zero-One, Sun Vulcan unite to defeat Horseshoe Crab Monger with the Vulcan Ball.

After using its Expansion Program to grow, it uses its spray on Sun Vulcan Robo, but it uses the Vulcan Screw to remove its effectiveness before finishing the Monger off with Aura Plasma Returns.


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His main ability is the usage of a fossilization spray from the mouth, made of a manganese fossilization compound that petrifies anything hit by it. He also had a pendulum bladed staff and can fire missiles from his head.

Behind the Scenes


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