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The Horror Bulls were a set of bison monsters used by Ecliptor. The first Horror Bull fought the Rangers in downtown Angel Grove plaza and copied all the data on the ranger's weapons in his jewel. When the monster was destroyed by the Quadro Blaster, the jewel survived and Ecliptor used it to put it on another Horror Bull. The jewel contained the information the first one collected on the Rangers. He used this against them as he could give them back the same attack. Zhane saved the Rangers with his weapon since his information was not scanned. The second one was eventually destroyed by the Astro Delta Megazord.

Powers and abilities

First Horror Bull

  • Durability-The original Horror Bull displayed impressive durability, shrugging off the Astro Blasters and even a stab to it's gem did little harm.

Second Horror Bull

  • Horn Lasers: The primary ranged weapon of both Horror Bulls, where it fires green electricity bolts from its horns.
  • Bull Charge: The 2nd Horror Bull's signature attack where it charges forward to use it's crystalline horns as a bashing weapon. This was powerful enough to knock down the Astro Megazord.



  • Claws-Both Horror Bulls have sharp claws instead of weapons for combat
  • Gem-Both Horror Bulls have the same green gem in the centre of thier foreheads that they can use for weapon scanning.
    • Durability-The been was able to be stabbed directly by the Spiral Sabre and survive the destruction of the original Horror Bull without getting a scratch.
    • Weapon Scanning-The Horror Bulls' gem can scan any weapon no matter how complex, such as the personal weapons and the Astro Blasters, and store it for later reference.
    • Weapon Reflector: Thanks to the gem on it's head, which was built for analyzing data, this little heirloom can create a forcefield that deflects any weapon it has.


  • Each Horror Bull has horns that are the color of Ecliptor. This is because the Japanese monsters these were adapted from were created by Ecliptor's counterpart.
  • Their motif is based off a Black Angus Cow.


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