This article is about a/an monster in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie, existing in a different continuity than the TV series.

Hornitor was one of the two Ectomorphicon Titans under the employ of Ivan Ooze. Like its name suggests, the machine looked a lot like a giant hornet. The machine was bipedal and was capable of firing bolts of destructive energy from its antennae, it was also capable of flight as well as claws. Although imposing, both machines were imprisoned along with their boss by Zordon and his Order of Meridian. 6000 years after his imprisonment Ivan was freed by Lord Zedd.


After betraying Lord Zedd, Ivan enslaved the parents of Angel Grove to dig up the massive machines. Hornitor was the first one to be dug up and brought online and afterwards both machines wreaked chaos in the city.

When the Power Rangers returned (they went to another planet to acquire a power to restore Zordon, who had been gravely injured by Ivan), they used their new zords to fight it and Scorpitron. Hornitor fought with the Ape and Bear zords, while the Wolf and Frog fought the Scorpitron. Eventually, the Falcon zord blew up Scorpitron with a massive rocket attack.

MMPRTM Ivan-Hornitor

Hornitor, turned into Ivan's vessel

With no other opponents, the six zords boxed the Hornitor in near the observatory that Ivan was watching the battle from. It turned towards its creator and whimpered in fear, begging for help. In response, Ivan decided to merge with the ooze in Hornitor, causing it grow and lose its stinger. It's head morphed into a replica of Ivan.

Ivan broke the observatory off the ground to use as sword, breaking the monorail underfoot. The Rangers saved the incoming car and faced off the combined foe with the Ninja Falcon Megazord. They decided the only way to kill Ivan was to lure him into the path of Ryan's Comet. Lured to space, Ivan grabbed the megazord, until being kneed in the groin, knocking him into the comet's path. Once it hit, both Hornitor and Ivan were destroyed and Ivan's spells broke.

Video Games

The Hornitor appears appear in the video games patterned after the movie on Sega Genesis and Sega Game Gear as a boss character.

In both, its fused form, Ivan-Hornitor is a boss character. However the Ivan-Hornitor appears with a significantly different design than what appeared in the movie, having a more mechanical insect-like head and four Scorpitron like arms.

In the Game Gear version, Ivan-Hornitor is shown as incorporating Scorpitron into the fusion as well, explaining its different appearance and the traits from Scorpitron. Both the regular Hornitron and its fusion are playable in the game's VS and Link Cable modes.

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