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Horned Sacred Horse Unigolon (一角聖馬ユニゴルオン Ikkaku Seiba Yunigoruon) is a unicorn Majuu. He first appeared in the Movie to assist the Magirangers, and later resurfaced in Stage 34 to help Kai Ozu try to free Heavenly Saint Blagel from being Dark Magic Knight Wolzard.

Unigolon appears to be a white version of Dark Magic Horse Barikion with a horn on its forehead (in the toy, that horn can be removed to become Saint MagiPhoenix's Saint Horn). Unigolon used to be Blagel's partner years ago, and he saw a little of Blagel inside of Kai/MagiRed. Forms the head, "sternum", back, arms, and legs of SaintKaiser and the Horn Lancer.



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"Maagi Magi Giruma Jinga! When the light and fire become one, the Holy Majin will appear! Heavenly Fusion: SaintKaiser!"
―Kai Ozu[src]

SaintKaiser (セイントカイザー SeintoKaizā) is the combined form of Unigolon and Saint MagiPhoenix, where Unigolon becomes a suit of armor around Saint MagiPhoenix. His weapon is a staff made of Unigolon's mane and head. The spell used to invoke the "Heavenly Fusion!" (天空合体 Tenkū Gattai) is "Maagi Magi Giruma Jinga" (1-0-2-5). SaintKaiser bears a remarkable resemblance to FireKaiser as well.

His finisher is the Saint Horn Finish, in which SaintKaiser flies into the sky and then falls back down again head first with his staff with the Unicorn head end.

Heavenly Saint Blagel as Wolzard Fire also has the ability to combine with Unigolon to form BraveKaiser (ブレイブカイザー Bureibe Kaizā), but was never used in the series.

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