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Horn Bone Mask

Horn Bone Mask.

Horn Bone Mask (つの骨仮面 Tsuno Hone Kamen) is the seventh of Black Cross Volcano Mask General Magman's Masked Monsters.

Character History

Horn Bone Mask was set up by Magman and the Black Cross Führer to lead a scheme to trick the Gorengers to give them the plans for "Franken #1", a new weapon devised by the French scientists for EAGLE to create a weapon that would withstand any Gorenger attack. The plan uses a special base where he disguises as a EAGLE officer, with a barrier to prevent Peggy and Asuka from escaping or contacting for help or being traced, even down to a voice manipulator for him or Magman to prevent them from contacting Gonpachi and gain authority to build them Franken #1; footage of Horn Bone Mask initially fighting Akarenger, Aorenger and Kirenger was also used to make them seem like the EAGLE threat was being managed. However when Peggy and Asuka finally catch on to being manipulated, they perform their own trick, making it appear like Asuka was "blown up" while having him disguised as Franken #1 in order to leave the lab and remove the barrier for their escape. When Horn Bone Mask tracks them down, the Gorenger face off against him; Midorenger uses his Midomerang to remove the head leading to it reforming on top of the Masked Monster backwards. The team then uses Gorenger Hurricane to become a new skull that latches onto Horn Bone Mask's body, exploding in the process. Ep. 49: The Big Green Escape! The Swastika's Trick Play


Horn Bone Mask is authoritative but also slightly goofy, at one point getting in trouble with Magman for using a voice changer to pretend he was Momorenger. He also has a tendency to wiggle his arms in his Masked Monster form.

Modus and Arsenal

Horn Bone Mask possess a human disguise and a staff with several ribs he uses to capture prey within while attacking with the skull-like top. His head is also removable, preventing him from being decapitated due to being detachable and re-attachable.



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Behind the Scenes

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