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"What a lava-ly day!"
―Horn-Rimmed Monster.[src]
"I'm back!"
―Horm-Rimmed Monster´s words when grown for the Hydro-Regenerator.[src]

Rimmed Monster is a monster combined DNA of ratiris and glasses and a volcanologist. He appears in Power Rangers Dino Thunder.

Character HIstory

When Tommy brings in a substitute teacher, while he searches for Zeltrax, he calls in Dr. Morton; a volcanologist. Elsa knowing of his knowledge of volcanos, turns him into the Hornrimmed Monster. The Hornrimmed Monster uses that to his advantage and causes an inactive volcano in Reefside to be active again. The Power Rangers are forced to deal with him, and the Black Ranger uses Super Dino Mode to stop him in his tracks, while Conner finishes the job with the Battlizer. When the volcano is about to errupt, the Thundersaurus Megazord catches a wave with the Stega Surfboard to estinguish the volcano and destroy the monster. This allows Dr. Morton to be returned to normal.


Dr. Morton

Powers and Abilities

  • Knowledge about volcanos: Combined with a volcanologist, he has knowledge about volcanos.
  • Super-Charged: He blast a powerful energy rays.
  • Control of climate: He can manipulate the climate and increase the volcanic eruption.


  • Terminals: Combined with glasses, he can uses his terminales for attack to his enemies.

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