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""I won't die! I am... I am...!""
――Final words before Death[src]

[src] Hong Kong Media King Yang (香港のメディア王ヤン Honkon Media Ō Yan): Founder of Mechung Fu and master of Mechung Fu Antlion-Fist (銘功夫アントライオン拳 Mekanfū Antoraionken).

Character History

He uses his position to hide his true intent: gathering the Qi of the fighters as part of his plan to become the strongest being and rule the world. He succeeds and becomes a cyborg Beastman as a result. He ends up dying in Mechan'non when it was destroyed by GekiRinTohja.


  • His fighting style includes Sand Castle (砂楼閣 Sarōkaku), creating a sandpit to drag his opponents into.

Behind the scenes

King Yang is the main antagonist of Juken Sentai Gekiranger: Nei-Nei! Hou-Hou! Hong Kong Decisive Battle.



concept art

Yang was portrayed by the late Super Sentai veteran actor Masashi Ishibashi (石橋雅史 Ishibashi Masashi), and Yang was his final role before his death in 2018 and suit actor Hiroyuki Muraoka.



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