This article is about a/an two-part episode in Power Rangers Turbo, the third season in the Zordon Era .

Honey, I Shrunk the Rangers is a two-part episode and the sixteenth and seventeenth episodes of Power Rangers Turbo.


At a charity clean-up drive, Divatox's latest monster, Shrinkasect, flies into the Blue Senturion's head and makes him go berserk before shrinking him, and then shrinks Tommy, Kat, Adam, and Tanya to the size of bugs, who then get captured by Divatox.

While aboard Divatox's submarine, the four Rangers discover that they will permanently turn into actual insects if they don't return to normal size as soon as possible. So, they try to make their escape, while Justin, the sole unshrunken Ranger, searches all of Angel Grove for both his micro-sized teammates and Bulk & Skull, who are driving a car with a soda can loaded with one of Divatox's detonators.


Part 1

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Part 2

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  • During production of Turbo, a completely different episode titled "Rangers in Concert" (written by Coleen White) was originally meant to be the mid-season finale. It would've focused on not only Carlos (whose surname was originally "Chavez") and Ashley (who was originally named "Missy"), but also Lt. Stone's niece Jenny Hunter (from "Cars Attacks", and she was originally named "Ashley"), as well as introduce Tanya's intern at KAGV named Michael (who was a prototype of T.J.), as well as have the current Power Rangers fighting a cockroach monster called the Rockin' Roach. At the end of the episode, the Blue Senturion would have been fixed, and show Tommy, Kat, Adam, and Tanya the full Millennium Message, revealing Michael, Ashley, Carlos, and Missy as the next team and the ones who save the world from the United Alliance of Evil. But this script was scrapped when Doug Sloan and Ann Austen were both fired. However, "Passing the Torch" works on the possibility that the retiring Rangers did see the full Millennium Message. [1]
  • Tracy Lynn Cruz (Ashley Hammond) and Roger Velasco (Carlos Vallerte) do not appear in Part II of this episode.
  • Part I contains only one shot of Carranger footage, that of Blue Senturion banging his head against the wall as seen on the Power Chamber's monitor.
  • This episode is a pun to the 1989 Disney movie, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.
  • Final appearance and acknowledgement of Mayor Carrington.
  • Bulk & Skull are turned back into humans, but become invisible instead. They'll next appear in "Stitch Witchery".
  • Justin is the only Ranger to appear unmorphed in Part II.
  • In Part II, Divatox says to Elgar, "You know, one of these days Elgar, one of these days, Pow! Right to the Moon!" This is a reference to the character Ralph Kramden's famous catchphrase from the 1955 sitcom The Honeymooners.
  • The click sounds heard before and after the Blue Senturion's sentences changes after Part II.
  • Kat appears to either have said something to Tommy or have kissed him due to the gesture she made.
  • This is the second time where Tommy and Kat are shrunk. The first being "A Small Problem" of Power Rangers Zeo.


  • In Part I, the Netflix subtitles mistakenly have Justin saying "Melted Plaster Turbo Power" while morphing instead of his usual morphing call.
  • In Part I, Elgar could have revealed secret identity Adam and Justin as Power Rangers in the presence of the children, but for some reason he doesn't.
  • In Part I, Blue Senturion was back to normal after having Shrinkasect removed from his head. But in Part II, while shrunk, Blue Senturion makes nonsensical comments like he had when he had Shrinkasect in his head.
    • This was due to him becoming more bug-like, like the Rangers did while they were shrunk. The buzzing was damaging his systems.
  • While the Rangers manage to enlarge back to normal size thanks to the torpedoes, the process of them turning into insects should technically not have stopped, as the torpedoes only change the size of whoever they hit.


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