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Honami Moriyama, Gokaiger

Honami as she appears in Gokaiger.

Honami Moriyama (森山 ホナミ Moriyama Honami, 9-50, Gokaiger 40) is a reporter who is a photographer, the only one daring enough to take photographs of the Londerz Family.


In her first appearance, She used a roll of firecrackers to distract the police from the entrance to get inside the city. She first interfered in the Timerangers battle against Gougan and was scolded by TimePink for her foolishness, but TimeYellow was able to cheer her up. Unknown to the Timerangers, Honami had taken their picture in their civilian forms, but chose to keep those pictures to herself and quit taking pictures of them and the Londerz. Case File 9: The Don's Depression

Honami had developed a crush on TimeYellow, yet she believed that Ayase (TimeBlue) was Time Yellow, going as far as keeping a picture of Ayase and TimeYellow side-by-side in her wallet. Sion found out that Honami was in love with Domon and gave her Domon's e-mail address. Eventually Domon found out about the confusion when he noticed Honami's wallet on the ground when he arrived late on a date and that Ayase's picture was in it. Case File 31: The Straying Game

Domon tried to set up Honami with Ayase, and in the end Honami's misunderstanding was cleared up when Domon was willing to protect her from Banjan's bomb. Case File 36: Honest, as It Is

Honami and Domon were set for a date at Christmas. Per Tatsuya's suggestion, Case File 42: The Fallen Angel of Destruction Honami joined the Tomorrow Research team for a party on Christmas Eve. Case File 44: The Revolt Against Time

After that the two started dating and at the end of the series, Honami has a child that she named Mirai Moriyama (initially called Domon Jr.; it can be presumed that Honami had not decided on a name by then) but never told Domon about it. Case File 50: To an Infinite Tomorrow

On October 2nd 2010, she meets the Gokaigers at the Negakure Temple and then takes a group photo with them. When Domon sees the picture he realizes that he has a long lost son with Honami. Ep. 40: The Future is the Past


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