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Home and Away are the twenty-seventh and twenty-eighth episodes of Power Rangers Operation Overdrive.


Tyzonn finds himself on his home planet with his fiance Vella and that his adventures on Earth never really happened. Meanwhile, the Fearcats steal artifacts from the other villainous sects and mix them in the Octavian Chalice to create Agrios. Mack uses the Flash Point Megazord against the powerfully dangerous Agrios, willing to sacrifice himself.


Part 1

Rose walks in the control center with a book.  Mr. Hartford, Dax, and Tyzonn are there.  Rose:  I knew I seen it before!  That artifact the Fearcats wanted, is in this book on Greek legends.  Rose places the book down and Mr. Hartford and Dax look at the page.  Andrew:  The Octavian Chalice.  Rose:  It's a legendary receptacle that can sensitize the energy of three other ancient relics.  Rose lists the relics as the Sands of Sila, Minerva's Staff, and Root of Heisker.  Dax concludes the Fearcats will be after the three ancient relics next.  Rose tells them she is searching for the Staff and warns the group that the three ancient relics combine with the Octavian Chalice, is capable of destroying worlds.  Upon hearing this, Tyzonn loses his temper and explains when will they stop.  Mr. Hartford, Rose, and Dax are a little taken aback at Tyzonn's outburst.  Tyzonn tells them the Fearcats had taken the most important person away from him.  Just then Rose gets a signal of where the staff might be.  Mr. Hartford has Rose get the rest of the team to search for the staff.  Mr. Hartford instructs Dax and Tyzonn to search for the other relics.  Tyzonn wants to go after the staff, but Mr. Hartford tells him not until he has cooled down.  Dax walks over to Tyzonn and tells him they will search for the other relics.

Mig and Benglo have built a machine and they have the Octavian Chalice placed inside it.  The Fearcats are ready to search for the three relics.  Meanwhile, Norg and Flurious are walking in the woods.  Norg thinks they are just taking a stroll, but Flurious is searching for one of the relics.  Flurious uses his staff and blasts a tree, which contains Minerva's Staff.  Flurious is very pleased to have the staff.  Flurious only has the staff for a few moments when Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Black Ranger and Red Ranger arrived.  Pink Ranger takes a reading and confirms it is Minerva's Staff.  The four Rangers blast the staff out of Flurious' hands.  But the four Rangers don't have it for long either.  Flurious sends in his Chillers.  The Chillers battle and one manages to get the staff back to Flurious.  Flurious is pleased and sends the Chillers back out to battle the four Rangers.  At the control center, Dax is happy to have found two relics on the screen.  Tyzonn offers to go after the Sands of Sila.  Mr. Hartford is doubtful, but Tyzonn tells him he has cool down.  Mr. Hartford consents and Tyzonn takes off.  Dax contacts Red Ranger and tells him they need to split up and search for the Root of Heisker.  Red Ranger and the rest of the Rangers are still battling the Chillers.  Red Ranger asks Black Ranger and Pink Ranger if they can handle the Chillers and they tell him yes.  Red Ranger tells Yellow Ranger she is coming with him.  Red Ranger and Yellow Ranger take off as Black Ranger and Pink Ranger continue to fight the Chillers.  In a desert, Kamdor and Miratrix had just dug up the Sands of Sila.  Mercury Ranger arrives.  Miratrix is ready to battle Mercury Ranger, but Kamdor stops her.  Kamdor wants to show just how powerful he is.  Mercury Ranger and Kamdor battle.  In the woods, Pink Ranger and Black Ranger continue their battle against the Chillers.  Black Ranger uses the Hovertek Cycle to help him in the battle.  Back at the desert, Mercury Ranger has a difficult time against Kamdor and is eventually defeated.  Mercury Ranger demorphs as he hits the ground.  Miratrix is very impressed with Kamdor and tells him he is having a good day by getting the Sands of Sila and defeating Mercury Ranger.  As they talk, Mig arrives and takes the Sands of Sila.  Mig then blasts Kamdor and Miratrix, calling them losers.  Mig is happy to see Tyzonn is hurt.

Tyzonn wakes up and is surprised when he sees Vella.  Tyzonn tells Vella he needs to go after the Fearcats.  Vella has no idea what Tyzonn is talking about.  Vella explains to Tyzonn that he had been caught in the cave-in and had gotten hurt.  Tyzonn is confused, because he remembers Vella being the one trapped inside the cave-in.  Elsewhere, a Lava Lizards bring Moltor the Root of Heisker.  Red Ranger and Yellow Ranger arrive.  Red Ranger and Yellow Ranger battle Moltor and the numerous Lava Lizards.  Red Ranger goes into Red Sentinel Ranger to battle several of the Lava Lizards.  Moltor gives Red Sentinel Ranger a powerful blow that knocks him back to Red Ranger.   In the woods, Pink Ranger and Black Ranger keep up their battle against the Chillers.  Eventually they destroy them all.  Flurious is not happy, but ready to leave.  Norg walks up to Flurious with a bunch of flowers.  Flurious crushes them under his foot before vanishing with Norg.  Elsewhere, Tyzonn is still confused.  Tyzonn tells Vella of becoming a Power Ranger on Earth, trying to track down the jewels of the Corona Aurora and fighting villains from all over the galaxy.  Vella tells Tyzonn that he has been on Mercuria the whole time.  Vella comments that isn't the most important things is that they are back together.  Tyzonn smiles as he realizes that Vella is right.  In the quarry, Red Ranger and Yellow Ranger continue to battle the Lava Lizards and Moltor.  Blue Ranger arrives and the three Rangers tells Moltor to give up the Root of Heisker.  Flurious arrives, still holding the staff, and laughs at the Rangers.  Suddenly Benglo streaks past them and now he has the staff.  Benglo mocks the three Rangers and Moltor and Flurious.  Benglo streaks through and grabs the staff from Flurious.  The Fearcats now have all three relics.  Moltor and Flurious are angry with the Fearcats.  Kamdor and Miratrix arrive as well.  Mig and Benglo insult each of the villains.   Mig and Benglo place all three relics inside the Octavian Chalice.  A monster emerges as a result.

Blue Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Yellow Ranger can only watch as the Fearcats bring out their machine and attach it to the robots.  Kamdor, Miratrix, Flurious, and Moltor are very upset.  The four villains stand on the sidelines and watch.  Black Ranger and Pink Ranger arrive.  The zords are sent and the Megazord is formed.  The five Rangers battle the Fearcats.  It is a difficult battle.  The four villains are stunned when the Fearcats knocked the Megazord to the ground.  The five Rangers get out okay.  In the control center, Mr. Hartford is worried about the Rangers.  The battle fleet zords are sent out and the battle continues.  The five Rangers form the battle fleet Megazord.  The battle continues to be difficult for the Rangers.  Red Ranger pulls out Sentinel sword and tosses it out.  Sentinel Knight appears in giant form and joins in the battle.  But it is not enough.  Sentinel Knight is soon knocked out and reverts to sword form and lands in some rocks.  The Fearcats mock the Rangers for hurting their friend.  Eventually the Fearcats defeat the Rangers and their Megazord comes apart.  The Fearcats, still in their machine, walk over to the four villains and tells them they need to knell to them.  The Fearcats then knock all four villains off their feet.  The Fearcats leave in triumph.  The four villains get back up on their feet.  Flurious wonders if it is possible that the Fearcats have defeated them all.

The Rangers had demorph and the Megazord is in pieces.  Ronny states the Battle Fleet zords are trashed.  Dax adds so are the Drive Max zords.  Rose asks what they are going to do, but no one has an answer.  Elsewhere, Tyzonn and Vella are walking.  Tyzonn can't believe how beautiful Mercuria is and how he has forgotten.  Tyzonn has decided he is ready to move on with his life.  Vella is happy to hear it.  Tyzonn and Vella gazed at each other lovingly.

Part 2

Mack walks up to stand beside his dad.  The screen shows the zords being repaired.  Mack:  How are they coming along?  Mr. Hartford:  We're talking extensive damage from the last battle.  It's going to take awhile before the zords are fully operational.  Rose and Spencer are there as well.  Rose:  And the Sentinel sword got hit pretty hard too.  Rose tells them she can repair it, it's just going to take awhile.  Mack wants to know where Tyzonn is.  Spencer tells him the others are searching for him.  Mack can't help feeling there is something has gone wrong with Tyzonn, he knows Tyzonn wouldn't have miss the last battle.

Elsewhere, Tyzonn and Vella are talking.  Tyzonn can not shake his memories of being on Earth and being a Power Ranger.  Vella wants Tyzonn to put it all behind him.  Vella wants to move on to their future, which Tyzonn wants as well.  On Earth, the Fearcats are attacking with Agrios' help.  In the control center, Rose wonders what they can do.  Mr. Hartford and Spencer are there as well.  Mack walks in and suggests using the FlashPoint Megazord.  Mr. Hartford refuses, telling Mack he has no training.  But Mack does not back down.  Mack tells his dad that he is taking the FlashPoint Megazord and refers to his dad as Mr. Hartford.  In the city, Mig and Benglo are surprise to see the FlashPoint Megazord, as they had thought Mercury had been taken out of the way.  The Fearcats soon realized it is Red Ranger they will be battling.  Red Ranger hopes he can pull this off.  Back in the control center, Ronny, Dax, and Will slid down the poles and tell Rose and the rest they have not been able to find Tyzonn.  The screen shows the battle.  Ronny, Dax, and Will wonder who is in the FlashPoint Megazord and Rose worryingly tells them it is Mack.  Red Ranger and the Fearcats battle.  It is a difficult battle for Red Ranger.  Meanwhile, Tyzonn and Vella are walking together.  Tyzonn tells Vella he would like to go back to Earth, just to check.  Vella can't believe he still believes the silly story.  Vella is also upset that she has just gotten Tyzonn back and he wants to leave her again.  Tyzonn, seeing this, promises her that he won't leave.  As they hug, Vella's eyes glow.

Red Ranger battles the Fearcats.  Red Ranger has a difficult time, although the Fearcats think Red Ranger is more annoying than the other.  In the control center, Spencer tells Mr. Hartford and the rest that the FlashPoint Megazord can't take any more.  Mr. Hartford tells Red Ranger to get out of the Megazord, but Red Ranger does not.  Ronny, Rose, Will, and Dax all encourage Red Ranger to leave, but he doesn't.  Miratrix and Kamdor arrive and Miratrix states they had all underestimate the Fearcats.  Flurious and Moltor join.  Flurious didn't think it was possible, but he thinks he hates the Fearcats more than the Power Rangers.  The battle continues.  Agrios is not doing well and Red Ranger plans to make the ultimate sacrifice.  At the last moment, the four Rangers arrive in their repaired zords.  The battle continues.  Mr. Hartford sends them some back up.  The five Rangers do well against Agrios and the Fearcats.  Spencer has the Sentinel sword almost repaired and is continuing the search for Tyzonn.  Elsewhere, Tyzonn and "Vella" are walking together and talking.  Tyzonn is anxious to get back to the rescue group.  "Vella" is not so enthusiastic and tries to encourage him to try new things that are more profitable.  A noise emerges and Tyzonn's morphers falls out of "Vella's" dress.  "Vella" tries to explain, but Tyzonn won't listen and realizes he really was a Power Ranger and that his friends are in danger.  "Vella" tells Tyzonn he is the one in danger as she reveals herself to be Crazer.

Tyzonn is furious that Crazer has tricked him.  But Tyzonn realizes that since Crazer has replicated herself, then Vella is still alive.  Crazer tells Tyzonn not to worry about Vella, she is in safe hands, he should just worry about himself.  Meanwhile, the rest of the Rangers have their three Megazords battling Agrios.  Elsewhere, Tyzonn and Crazer battle.  Tyzonn strikes Crazer hard enough to go flying and break through the illusion Crazer has created.  Tyzonn realizes he has never left Earth.  Tyzonn morphed.  Mercury Ranger and Crazer continue with their battle.  Mercury Ranger is about to defeat Crazer.  Crazer tells him he will never find Vella without her, but Mercury Ranger knows he can without Crazer.  Mercury Ranger destroys Crazer for good.  Mercury Ranger then joins the rest of the Rangers in their battle against Agrios and the Fearcats.  In the control center, Mr. Hartford and Spencer are happy to see Mercury Ranger has joined the rest of the Rangers.  Spencer is not sure if he can handle so much excitement.  The Rangers battle Agrios and the Fearcats and eventually destroy Agrios.  The battle continues on the ground with the Power Rangers and the Fearcats.  Mercury Ranger battles Mig, while the rest of the Rangers battle Benglo.  Mercury Ranger destroy Mig.  Red Ranger uses the Sentinel sword and transform into Red Sentinel Ranger.  Red Sentinel Ranger destroys Benglo.  The Fearcats are no more.

In his ice cave, Flurious laughs with glee.  Norg comes sliding down and wants to know what is so funny.  Flurious tells him about the Rangers destroying the Fearcats.  Norg is confused as he thought Flurious did not like the Rangers.  Moltor contacts his brother via the screen.  Moltor is also happy to see the demise of the Fearcats and plans on going after the jewels next.  Flurious tells his brother he will make this offer only one time.  Flurious tells Moltor he can work for him.  Moltor refuses.  Out in the fields, Kamdor and Miratrix are also happy to see the end of the Fearcats.  Miratrix points they only have Moltor and Flurious to contend with now.  Kamdor is ready to show just how powerful he really is.  In the Hartford mansion, the teens walk in with the Octavian Chalice and give it to Mr. Hartford.  The teens are thrilled with the destruction of the Fearcats.  Tyzonn tells them Vella is still alive and he plans on finding her after their mission is complete.  The teens look over the Octavian Chalice, as it has more than one power.  It's time for more research and Rose is ready to lead the way.  As the teens leave, Mr. Hartford asks Mack if he can stay for a moment.  Mack reluctantly faces his dad as the rest leave.  Mr. Hartford tells Mack he realizes Mack is still angry with him.  Mack tells him he is not angry.  Anger is a human emotion, that he, as an android, does not have.  Mack tells his dad if he doesn't like the way he is behaving, he can upgrade.  Mack ends his conversation by referring to his dad as Mr. Hartford and leaves the room.  Mr. Hartford is at a loss as to how to repair the damage between him and Mack.



  • The book with information on the Chalice that Rose shows to the others is written in Tengwar, a writing system invented by author J.R.R. Tolkien.
  • This marks the final appearance of Mig, Crazar & Benglo.

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