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Sacred Ninja Beast Tsubasamaru (聖忍獣 翼丸 Seininjū Tsubasamaru, Wing Man) is the second of the Three God Generals, who represents the heart aspect of Kakure style ninpo. First summoned by Sandayuu to help the Kakurangers in their fight against Umibozu, Tsubasamaru is a giant white falcon rather than a humanoid. It has a wingspan of 85.6 meters (almost as long as an average American football field) and is equipped with a row of four cannons in each wing which it uses to blast giant youkai with.

Appearances: Kakuranger Episodes 23, 25-26, 31-33, 36, 39-44, 46-47, 50, 52-53.


Cho Ninja Gattai Super Muteki Shogun

With the command "Super Ninja Fusion" (超忍者合体 Chō Ninja Gattai), Tsubasamaru combines with Muteki Shogun to form Super Muteki Shogun (スーパー無敵将軍 Sūpā Muteki Shōgun, Super Invincible General). In this form, Tsubasamaru's cannons are amplified by Muteki Shogun's power, enabling the mech to use the Mutekl Cannons Full Discharge finisher to mow down opponents with a hail of firepower.

Appearances: Kakuranger Episodes 23, 25-26, 37, 44, 52.

Tsubasa Gattai Super Kakure Daishogun

With the command  "Winged Fusion" (翼合体 Tsubasa Gattai), Tsubasamaru combines with Kakure Daishogun to form Super Kakure Daishogun (スーパー隠大将軍 Sūpā Kakure Daishōgun, Super Great Hidden General). In this form, Kakure Daishogun gains the power of flight and its finisher is Iron Fist Flying Finish (鉄拳フライングフィニッシュ Tekken Furaingu Finisshu), a high-speed flying version of its usual Iron Fist God Finish. During the battle with Amonojaku, Super Kakure Daishogun used an alternate version called Iron Fist Flying Finish: Saruder Special where it flew into its opponent and pummeled it with its Saruder arm. Can also perform a midair spinning kick attack called Flying Kick.

Appearances: Kakuranger Episodes 31-33, 36, 39-44, 46-47, 50.

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