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The Hollow Monster was a monster created through parts assembled by Lord Zedd's Putty Patrollers as part of Goldar, Squatt, and Baboo's are preparing their trap to capture the remaining four Power Rangers at the park. This monster was near indestructible with its one weakness being loud sounds. The captive Rangers, Adam and Aisha, having been tranformed into cockatoos, tried to tell the other Rangers by squarking with the occasional human word creeping out. The Rangers were able to get the message thanks to Saba, who could understand cockatoos, and so asked for the audience's help. With help from a collective scream, the Rangers forced the Hollow Monster to literally fall apart. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Live


  • Along with the other monsters who exclusively appear in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Live, the Hollow Monster is an original creation and does not appear in any Super Sentai series.
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