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The Ho System (ホ座系 Ho-Za-Kei, Sail System) is a star system and component of the greater Argo System. Its Kyutama was housed on its planet, Vela, where it laid as a precious relic passed down the generations of a village. As one of three Kyutama needed to complete the Argo, a team of five Kyurangers were sent to retrieve it. Through vanquishing the Jark Matter Daikaan Goneshi who had plagued the village, the Kyurangers were granted the Kyutama by the grateful people. Space.15: Savior of the Water Planet Vela


USK-Kyutama 86

Ho Kyutama

The Ho Kyutama (ホキュータマ Ho Kyūtama, Sail Nine Ball) is the Skill Kyutama, one of three needed to complete that of Argo, which embodies the constellation Vela.


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