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""*spits in disgust* Yeah, yeah! You're just a bit player, so back off! I'm the star!""
―Hitomidama's first words when arriving on the Rokumon Junk and shooing off Juzo.[src]
""Yo, Shinkenger! Well me! I am Sanzu River's most powerful member. I'm Hitomidama!""
―Hitomidama introducing himself to the Shinkengers.[src]
""Da-mn you...damn you!""
―Hitomidama's final words before his initial defeat.[src]
""You damn traitor! Eat this!""
―Hitomidama when he grew and addressing Tora Origami before firing on it.[src]
―Hitomidama's final words before his death.[src]

Hitomidama (ヒトミダマ, Hitomidama, 9): Hitomidama is an arrogant showy Ayakashi armed with the Ōkainonari Tedate (大貝形手盾, Large Shell-Shaped Shield) and the ability to fire a blast of energy from his face that is able to take control over his opponents, making them puppets to his will, then commands them with his whip. He used this ability on both the Tora Origami and Ryunosuke, having them fight for him. But after Takeru frees Ryunosuke from Hitomidama's control, he frees the Tora Origami as the Ayakashi is destroyed by the Four Point Slash the and then destroyed by Tora ShinkenOh. His head, which resembles a big eyeball is the basis of the Hitotsume-kozō (一つ目小僧) of Japanese myth.


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