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The Hitokarage (ヒトカラゲ) were the initial ashigaru footsoldiers of the Kibaoni Army Corps who are armed with yari spears and tanegashima arquebuses. Acting on the orders of the generals of the Kibaoni Army Corps, they supported the Yokai in gathering the Power of Fear and fighting the Ninningers. They were created from Gengetsu Kibaoni's evil energy leaking from the tainted Sealing Shuriken.

After ineffectively fighting the Ninningers during their battles with the first few Yokai, the Hitokarage were effectively replaced when Raizo Gabi cast a dark magic spell which transformed all the Hitokarage into the Jukkarage, granting them greater strength and weapons, in order to help Kyuemon Izayoi fight the Ninningers and gain the End Shuriken.


The Hitokarage first appeared when a pack was sent to destroy the Igasaki Ninjutsu Dojo upon the return of the Kibaoni Army Corps. Though succeeding in destroying the old dojo, they were subsequently met by Takaharu Igasaki who transformed into AkaNinger and destroyed them. Further Hitokarage were brought forth to attack the general populace in order to gather fear, backed up by Yokai Kamaitachi, but were defeated by the five Ninningers who had assembled for the first time. Shinobi 1: We're Ninja!

In one incidentIcon-crosswiki, where the Ninningers and the Kibaoni Army Corps were brought to the world of Kamen RiderIcon-crosswiki, Kyuemon returned to his original world where he left some of the Hitokarages to join the ShockerIcon-crosswiki troopIcon-crosswiki led by Roidmude 089Icon-crosswiki.

The Hitokarages made appearances throughout the series until one episode, where Raizo Gabi upgraded every known Hitokarage troop into Jukkarage with his dark magic, making them stronger compared to the original Hitokarages.

Jukkarage and Hitokarage

Hitokarage and Jukkarage serving together under Juza Yumihari.

Though seemingly all Hitokarage were converted into Jukkarage, both Jukkarage and Hitokarage were later seen fighting alongside each other on behalf of Juza Yumihari. Shuriken Sentai Ninninger The Movie: The Dinosaur Lord's Splendid Ninja Scroll!





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Jukkarage (ジュッカラゲ) are the footsoldiers of the Kibaoni Army Corps, upgraded from and replacing the initial Hitokarage after Raizo Gabi cast a dark magic spell which transformed all the Hitokarage into the Jukkarage, granting them greater strength and weapons, in order to help Kyuemon Izayoi fight the Ninningers and gain the End Shuriken. They are armed with sasumata-like swords and tanegashima rifles.




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The Hyakkarage (ヒャッカラゲ) are elite Jukkarage who are ten times as strong as their regular counterparts and evidently a hundred times stronger than the original Hitokarage. They serve as the bodyguard for Gengetsu Kibaoni's kin, with a pair of them standing by Ariake no Kata's side following her revival. Later on, when Kibaoni's son, Mangetsu Kibaoni, is born by Ariake, he appears flanked by a cohort of red-belted Hyakkarage.


Red Kyuubi and Senkarage

A quartet of Senkarage alongside the Red Kyuubi.

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The Senkarage (センカラゲ) are giant Hyakkarage with the kanji for thousand ( sen) on their jackets.

Video Game appearances

Super Sentai Battle Base

The Hitokarage are among the various foot soldier forces which appear in the mobile game Super Sentai Battle Base.

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  • Hitokarages were themed after Ashigaru, the foot-soldiers of the Japanese Sengoku Period.
  • Their name came from the Japanese word "Jippahitokarage" (十把一絡げ lit. "lumping together"). While the word Hitokarage is used in their name, the word "Jippa" instead uttered in their sentence and grunts.
    • Alternatively, the Hitokarage and Jukkarage utter "grunts" the words "Zōhyō" (雑兵 lit. "small fry/ordinary soldiers") or "Hyappa" (ヒャッパ!), which the latter originating from the word "hyappan" (百般 lit. "all kinds of things").
    • Additionally, each upgrade increases the number radical by a tenfold; like the hito in Hitokarage means one, the ju in Jukkarage means ten, the hyaku in Hyakkarage means a hundred, and the sen in Senkarage means a thousand.


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