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History is the thirty-first episode of Power Rangers S.P.D., serving as the first crossover with Power Rangers Dino Thunder.


Broodwing uses the Dino Gems to bring the Dino Rangers to the future where they meet the S.P.D. Rangers. Cruger insists that the Dino Rangers remain in the Delta Base to avoid problems with the timeline, but when Emperor Gruumm launches his biggest attack yet, the S.P.D. Rangers may be in over their heads.


Broodwing meets with Professor Cerebros with a plan to bring Power Rangers from the past. To accomplish this, Broodwing has secured three of the Dino Gems from the planet Onyx.

2005 – At Reefside High's one year reunion, Conner, Ethan, and Kira meet up and fill each other in on what they've been up to.

The former Rangers find themselves in the future where Broodwing demands that they help him destroy the planet. The trio grab their Dino Gems and run, but they are soon cornered by Krybots, which they fight off with their civilian powers. Ethan is surprised to find that the Krybots are robots. Broodwing confronts them again, demanding that they help him or else. The B-Squad shows up to protect these civilians from Broodwing's attack. Broodwing flees the scene, cursing the B-Squad for getting in his way. The B-Squad introduce themselves as the Power Rangers, but the trio reveal that they're also Power Rangers.

The Dino Rangers given a grand tour of the Delta Base and are introduced to Doggie and Kat. The Dino Rangers are determined to help against Broodwing, but the S.P.D. Rangers insist that it's too risky.

The B-Squad Rangers are sent to handle a Dragoul, which Broodwing has sent to lure them out. The Rangers struggle with the Dragoul, but were able to send it on the run. Emperor Gruumm is furious that Broodwing is going against his orders by sending the Dragoul to fight the Rangers, and decides to launch a full-scale ground attack against the Rangers. The B-Squad soon find themselves surrounded by an army of Krybots.

The Dino Rangers insist on helping, but Cruger says if anything should happen to them, the Timeline may be at risk. Conner counters that if the B-Squad loses, none of that would matter. The Dragoul reappears in the city as a Giant and the Omega Ranger is sent to deal with it. He activates the Omegamax Megazord.

Meanwhile, Cruger shows up as Shadow Ranger to help the other Rangers. Gruumm and Morgana have joined the party as well. Despite Cruger's warning, the Dino Rangers show up anyway to help their future comrades in battle. All nine Power Rangers morph into action, the Dino Rangers powering up to Super Dino Mode and the B-Squad powering up to S. W. A. T. Mode. Ethan teams up with Sky and Bridge against Krybots. Kira teams up up with Z and Syd to blast the Krybots and take on Morgana. The two Red RangersJack and Conner lead an ambush backed by Cruger piloting the S.W.A.T. Command Truck and were able to blast Gruumm. Cruger sends the B-Squad to help Omega Ranger while he and the Dino Rangers finish off the Krybots.

The Delta Max Megazord is formed to finish the job. Meanwhile, the Dino Rangers assemble the Z-Rex Blaster and send Gruumm running. All ten of the Power Rangers come together to celebrate their victory over Gruumm.

Conner, Ethan, and Kira want to stay and help out, but the S.P.D. Rangers convince them that they will go on to lead exciting and significant lives. After that, Conner, Ethan, and Kira have their memories wiped in order to prevent them from knowing too much about their futures. Meanwhile Broodwing gloats that although the Rangers destroyed the first Dragoul, they have no idea that an even more powerful one is waiting to strike.

Continuity and Placement[]

  • Power Rangers S.P.D.: This episode takes place before the events of "Impact", with the latter having aired first due to unknown reasons by Disney. This episode also takes place a few weeks before the events of "Wormhole".
  • Power Rangers Dino Thunder: This episode takes place almost a year after the events of "Wormhole", though the Dino Rangers do not have any recollection of said episode due to their memories having been erased then. Furthermore, the S.P.D. Rangers in which they interact with in "History" are from a few weeks before the ones whom they met in "Wormhole".



  • The end credits misspell Conner's name as Connor.


  • Jeffrey Parazzo and Jason David Frank do not appear as their characters Trent and Tommy in the episode, but Trent does appear uncredited in the archival footage that Kat shows to the S.P.D. Rangers, while Tommy is mentioned when Conner, Ethan, and Kira return to their time. Furthermore, several monsters such as the Tyrannodrones, the Triptoids, Termitetron, Tutenhawken, White Terrorsaurus (2nd form), and Mesogog in his Mesomonster form appear as well. A clip from "The Passion of Connor" is also shown with the scene where Zeltrax explodes after being beaten by Conner.
  • The Hidden Episode, "Before it Began" a Dino Thunder DVD extra which featured Ethan and Kira being shown the future of the Power Rangers through clips of this series, is rendered non-canon with this episode as they need everything explained to them.
  • Jack's S.P.D. badge, which he shows the Dino Thunder Rangers, contains the Dekaranger terms for his weapons.
  • According to Greg Aronowitz during RangerStop 2015, his original plans were for Broodwing to use the Dino Gems to create clones of the Dino Rangers. However, Disney told him to use the time travel dynamic since they were concerned about the audience being confused on whether or not those were the actual team members.

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