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Exploding Insect Psyma Beast Hirugemuuja is an insect and final Psyma Beast under Beast Baron Cobolda.

Character History

Cobolda and Denus work together to set up this Psyma Beast and its smaller insect bombs to invade and destroy Bay Area 55, with Denus giving a boy who had befriended Daimon and Matsuri a bouquet of flowers with Hirugemuuja's insects hidden within. When inside GoGoFive's hanger, the insects leap out of the flowers, initially attacking Liner Boy before infesting the base and causing destruction with their explosive bodies, all while Hirugemuuja goes to the top of the base in order to create a two-prong attack with the main intent of distracting GoGoFive long enough to let his smaller insects hit a fuel tank and thus destroy the base completely. The smaller insects nearly make it to the fuel room until the combined effort of the boy, GoPink and GoYellow successfully seal off the room and thus prevents Hirugemuuja from destroying it. Daimon rejoins his brothers on the surface and destroys the Psyma Beast with the V-Attack.

After Pierre resurrects the Psyma Beast, Matsuri manually raises the dock of Bay Area 55 to allow the GoLiners and Liner Boy to join in the battle and to form Max Victory Robo. Hirugemuuja tries to use its explosive insects to attack the mech formation, but the explosions are powerful enough to fully power its energy panels and launch a Max Nova to destroy it.


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His main ability is the creation of small insects similar to himself which have the ability to infiltrate and explode on anything they touch. Their ability to infiltrate can get them into places undetected before going forth to their target.

Behind the Scenes

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  • His name is a pun on Hiru (ヒル, Leech) and on Kemushi (ケムシ, Caterpillar).


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