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Hiroyuki Yoshino (吉野 裕行 Yoshino Hiroyuki) is a Japanese voice actor. He is also a member of Nazo no Shin Unit Starmen.

As a voice actor, he is well known for voicing Solf J. Kimblee in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Allelujah/Hallelujah Haptism in Mobile Suit Gundam 00, Yusuke "Bossun" Fujisaki in Sket Dance, Junya Inose in Gundam Build Fighters Try and Present Mic in My Hero Academia.

In Super Sentai, he had voiced Ayakashi Homurakogi in Samurai Sentai Shinkenger vs. Go-onger: Ginmaku Bang!!, Metaloid Soujikiloid in Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters, Gangler Monster Togeno Aves in Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger and Mashin Zabyun in Mashin Sentai Kiramager.


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