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Hiro Sakakibara

Hiro Sakakibara.

Hiro Sakakibara (榊原 ヒロ Sakakibara Hiro) (32, 33) is a young boy who has the ability to produce Mojikara that attracts wild Origami. Being of the Sakakibara clan, Hiro is entrusted with guarding the sealed Ushi Origami. He instead attempts to produce a Secret Disk to control Ushi Origami, something his father attempted in vain.

Hiro later delivered the Secret Loading Gun Mougyu Bazooka, a powerful weapon he created, powered by the Ushi Origami to the Shiba House. Ji delivered it to Takeru on the battlefield.

Behind the scenes


Hiro Sakakibara was portrayed by Yuki Sato (佐藤勇輝 Satō Yūki). As a child, he was portrayed by Ten Sato (佐藤 天 Satō Ten).

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