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Hikaru Midorikawa (緑川 光 Midorikawa Hikaru) is a Japanese voice actor from Otawara, Tochigi who is represented by Aoni Production.

He has had several roles in Super Sentai, and also Kamen Rider.

Midorikawa is nicknamed by his fans as Green River Light, which is the literal English translation of his name.

He is best known for the role of Heero Yuy in Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, Zelgadiss Graywords in Slayers, Kaede Rukawa in Slam Dunk, Marth in Fire Emblem>, Ryuho in s-CRY-ed, and Lancer in Fate/Zero.

In November 2012, Hikaru Midorikawa appeared as a guest star on the web radio spin-off Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger Official Web Radio (Temporary).

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