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"Toba Kenji, I presume?"
―Hijacker Nabokov's first words
"I don't have to flatter that woman anymore!"
―Hijacker Nabokov's first words enlarging himself


Prisoner #53, Hijacker Nabokov (ハイジャック犯・ナボコフ Haijakkuhan Nabokofu): Able to assume jet form for swift kidnappings. He attempted to kidnap the future master artist Kengi Toba for Lila, dealing with the Timerangers and being wounded by them. After being repaired, he succeeds in his mission. The Timerangers arrived in time to save Toba, with Nabokov covering Lila's escape. Though hit by the Voltech Bazooka, he enlarges and battles TimeRobo Beta before being brought in by TimeRobo Alpha.

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