This article is about a/an energy source in Dai Sentai Goggle V.

Hightron is an energy source discovered by researchers of the Future Science Foundation, as well as by the Dark Science Empire Deathdark within a massive meteor that had crashed upon the Earth. The power and potential of the energy was unknown, but the FSF researchers believed it was enough that it could power the Earth and ultimately bring about a bright future without being reliant on the harmful energy of present day.

However, Grand Marshall Deathmark also knew of the potential of Hightron and its negative consequences alongside its positive ones. Using Deathdark's forces, he lures the FSF scientists to their death and use the organization resources as well as the captured Ken'ichi Akama to confirm it's superior power before using their flying Deathtopia fortress to capture the meteor and the Hightron for harvest.Ep. 46: Super Energy Arrival

In Deathdark's hands, Deathmark uses the Hightron for various usages, including upgrading the Mozoo forces giving them special abilities as well as using it on their spy Mazurka giving her both invisibility powers and using it to power a bomb to destroy the hidden FSF base. Ultimately, Deathmark's ultimate desire for the Hightron was to use it to empower the Dark Hole, a device that would both obliterate humanity as well as destroy all aspects of human technology and civilization, reducing them to a primitive state and allowing Deathdark to be their technological superior and rule over them. In the name of their Future Science Foundation backers, Goggle V ultimately stand firm and eventually raid Deathtopia, allowing them to destroy the device and ultimately destroy the fortress with the meteor and all remaining Hightron within it, sacrificing a potentially powerful tool for the good of mankind.Ep. 47: This is the Ultimate Weapon-Final Ep.: Proceed! To the Shining Future

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