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"I am Shuten."
―Highness Duke Org Shuten's first words when revealing himself to Yabaiba and TsueTsue.[src]

Highness Duke Org Shuten (ハイネスデュークオルグ シュテン, Hainesu Dūku Orugu Shuten):


The first of the Highness Duke Orgs to be awakened, this cyclops-like (he had one main eye) multi-eyed Org wants to take over the world. Short-tempered, he wields the Highness Axe (ハイネスアックス, Hainesu Akkusu) and can stretch his arms. He once attempted to obtain GaoElephant's Gao Jewel while it was dormant, but is forced to leave both it and the scroll behind when the orb left painful scars on his palms.

He attempts to have the Dukes find ideal Orgs with one of his detached eye, only to anger the Org Master with his repeated failure. Seeking to redeem himself, Shuten attempts to destroy the Gaorangers by blocking the GaoSoul, knocking them around in human form while the Dukes take their Gao Jewels. But at the last second, Pyochan restores the GaoSouls, with GaoRed defeating Shuten with Gao Mane Buster.

Refusing to accept defeat, Shuten takes Duchess Org TsueTsue's staff to perform the Highness Duke secret technique to enlarge at full power. But Shuten was no match for the Soul Bird-powered GaoMuscle and GaoKing.

Though he survives the Super Animal Heart, Shuten is killed by the newly awakened Highness Duke Org Ura, who drains and absorbs all his power until Shuten dies. Quest 14: The Soul Bird Cries

Shuten is later resurrected, fighting GaoRed and GaoYellow in a vain attempt to protect the red idol on the mountain that powers the barrier protecting the Matrix. Though he was killed by the Hyakujuuken alongside Ura and Rasetsu, TsueTsue uses the Org Heart to fuse him with the others to create Ultimate Org Senki.




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