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"Long time no see Shadam, Gara, Zydos. Looks like the Dairangers are giving you guys some trouble. Listen you three! I came here to help you guys. We will crush the Dairangers!"
―High Prest Riju's first words when entering the warehouse that the Triumvirate were using as a hideout.[src]

"Welcome to the first block of Hell! I am Tetsumenpi Chouryou's master, Nokogiri Daisoujou! I've come to obliterate you in Chouryou's place."
―High Priest Saw when he confronted the Dairangers.[src]

"Once a traitor, always a traitor?"
―High Priest Saw's final words before his initial defeat.[src]

"You won't be forgiven for this!"
―High Priest Saw when he enlarged.[src]

"Am I defeated?! It can’t be!"
―High Priest Saw’s final words before his death.[src]

Archbishop Saw.gif

High Priest Riju (大僧正リジュ Daizōjō Riju) / High Priest Saw (ノコギリ大僧正 Nokogiri Daizōjō, 7-8) also called Archbishop Saw (in his monster form).


An insane Gorma of higher rank than the Gorma Triumvirate, and Iron Face Zhang Liao's master who was sent by the Gorma Emperor to assist the Triumvirate in eliminating the Dairangers. After his pupil failed to kill the Dairangers. Riju took matters to his own hands. He would have succeeded had Zhang Liao not attacked him when he was attacking Ryo Tenkasei. He was easily betrayed by Liao (who wished to save his son) and stabbed in the stomach before being flung away to his death. However, after Chouryou died from the injuries he sustained from Saw's lightning during thier battle, he somehow came back from the dead as a giant, despite exploding when he hit the ground which means he couldn't use a Growth Bomb, and was the first to be confronted by Dairen'oh (which was unlocked once Chouryou's spirit revealed the true power of the Mythical Chi Beasts and the Lai-Lai Crystals). His advanced age kicked in so his reflexes were not quick enough to block Dairen'oh with his saw blades and did not think to use his magic which enabled them to easily kill him with the Raging Hurricane Waves attack. He writhed and was very surprised that they beat him in spite of his strength before being explosively torn apart.


Following his death, the Gorma Triumvirate were able to take control of all military operations for the Gorma Tribe, becoming second only to the Gorma Emperor.

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