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"Am I defeated?! It can’t be!"
―High Priest Saw’s last words before his death[src]

High Priest Riju (大僧正リジュ, Daizōjō Riju) / High Priest Saw (ノコギリ大僧正, Nokogiri Daizōjō) (7 & 8) also called Archbishop Saw: An insane Gorma of higher rank than the Gorma Triumvirate, and Iron Face Zhang Liao's master. After his pupil failed to kill the Dairangers. Riju took matters to his own hands. He would have succeeded had Zhang Liao not attacked him when he was attacking Ryo Tenkasei. First to be killed by Dairen'oh. His advanced age was apparent in the giant battle as his reflexes were not quick enough to block Dairen'oh with his saw blades and did not think to use his magic.


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