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"Rangers, form High Octane Megazord."
Scott Truman[src]

The High Octane Megazord is formed when the Zord Attack Vehicles of the Red, Blue and Yellow Ranger Operators come together.

This is one of the two Megazords and three Zords not to be deleted by the Venjix Virus.


Either one or both of the High Octane Megazord's arms can fold up to accommodate other Zord Attack Vehicles as armaments. On its own, it is equipped with a Vectorscope, Lateral Controls, and Targeting and Guidance Systems and has a foldout sword in its leg called the Super Saber and a detachable shield on its back with Front Deflectors.

Its finisher (simply dubbed Full Power) involves moving at high speeds towards an enemy with its primary weapon and slashing them similar to the Turbo Megazord's finishing move.


Eagle Racer

Blue Glass Arrow.png See also: Engine Speedor

The Eagle Racer is Scott Truman's Zord Attack Vehicle number 1, a hybrid of a sports car/race car and a eagle/condor. Its exposed engine pipes spout out flames in his Zord's Burst Attack where it is shunted into the air by the other Zords with enough force to obliterate Venjix Drones. It has a flight mode as well in which it uses foldout claws on its undercarriage to crush and carry enemies. The eyes of the Zord are actually Optical Field Scanning Sensors and its engine is the SH-7000; it is also equipped with Front Deflectors of its own. It forms the upper body, arms and head of the High Octane Megazord and upper torso and head of the Zenith and SkyRev Megazords and RPM Ultrazord.

Lion Hauler

Blue Glass Arrow.png See also: Engine Buson

The Lion Hauler is Flynn McAllistair's Zord Attack Vehicle number 2. A mix between a bus and lion, it has pure force which it uses to ram enemies. Its front screen can scroll through various words and it is also equipped with a foldout missile launcher on its back. The eyes of the Zord are actually Optical Field Scanning Sensors and its engine is the Brown B-8. The Lion Hauler forms the hips and legs and sword of the High Octane Megazord and hips and upper legs of the Zenith and SkyRev Megazords and RPM Ultrazord.

Bear Crawler

Blue Glass Arrow.png See also: Engine Bear RV

The Bear Crawler is Summer Landsdown's Zord Attack Vehicle number 3, a hybrid of a bear, a monster truck, an RV, and a buggy. Its top has the ability to be lifted and closed like it is biting which lets it crush and clamp on enemies. The eyes of the Zord are actually Optical Field Scanning Sensors and its engine is the Brown B-5S. The Bear Crawler forms the lower torso and shield of the High Octane Megazord and lower torso of the Zenith and SkyRev Megazords and RPM Ultrazord.

Other Combinations

High Octane Megazord with Tail Spinner

The Tail Spinner replaces the left arm as an impromptu-sword and perform an energized spinning arm blade slash which they used to destroy Magnetron.

High Octane Megazord with Wolf Cruiser

The Wolf Cruiser replaces the right arm which allows the formation to charge up a massive fireball to stop any attacks and its finisher being a multi-shot laser blast that was used only once to destroy Boom Bot.

High Octane Megazord with Falcon Chopper and Tiger Jet

The Falcon Chopper and Tiger Jet replace both arms for a spinning propeller attack and a bow-and-arrow that can plough through the Attack Bot and destroy them. This was only used against Vacuum Bot since the Mach Megazord had yet to be introduced at that point.

Legendary Ranger Devices

The High Octane Megazord Dino Charger.

The High Octane Megazord represents the Ranger Operators for the RPM Dino Charger released as part of Dino Charger Power Pack Series 3 with each charger depicting four pictures. In RPM's case, it featured Ranger Red, Ranger Gold, the High Octane Megazord, and the RPM title. This Charger was paired with the Dino Thunder Dino Charger.

The High Octane Megazord Ninja Power Star.

The High Octane Megazord Ninja Power Star is a special Ninja Power Star that bears the likeness of the High Octane Megazord and is marked with the kanji for "machine". This star is exclusive to the Ninja Steel toyline.


The Power Rangers CCG game lists the Megazord as the Engine King while the toyline and TV show list it as the High Octane Megazord. Engine King is the English translation of its Super Sentai counterpart's name Engine Gattai Engine-O.


Main article: High Octane Megazord/toys

The High Octane Megazord in Retrofire style.

  • Bandai America released their own version as the deluxe version differing in many ways from the show and Bandai Japan release.
    • A Retrofire Megazords version was also released aside from all the other RPM Megazords in the new stylized motif. RPM is the only series with more than one Megazord and a complete set at that.
    • A Micro Zords version was also released which included a bonus Zord.

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