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"The fools! They thought I'd be defeated that easily?"
―Hielahiela's final words before her initial demise (her fake death).

"I will show you how stubborn the monsters of Iries are...Balban Extract..."
―Hielahiela's first words before enlarging herself.

Hielahiela (ヒエラヒエラ Hierahiera, 28, 34 Gingaman vs. Megaranger) is a Majin of the Space Pirates Balban under Spectral Empress Iliess.

Character History

Hielahiela is a fallen angel-themed Majin, who wields a bow and arrow. She could fire explosive arrows and, when majorly attacked, she'd shatter into ice cubes and reform. This ability, however, only worked until the giant iceberg containing the frozen souls of 111 people was destroyed. She can also breathe out a short, but powerful, wintery blast of ice from her mouth. She intended to revive Daitanix using 111 frozen souls. This worked by her shooting an arrow into someone making them act cold and emotionless.

After a few hours, she would summon them to a cave and remove the arrow, now a rosy red, and put it into the iceberg. She is killed by Bull Taurus an Super Armor Shine Gingaioh.

She is one of the five majins revived by Iliess to keep the Gingaman from reaching the tower and attacks Hikaru, only to disappear when Ryouma destroys the tower. She is later revived by Gregory and killed once again by the Megarangers in Gingaman vs. Megaranger.


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Modus and Arsenal

  • Hielahiela's main ability is a bow-and-arrow that she uses to affect emotions: those struck by it will become colder in emotion for a period until the arrow is removed for its magical ritual. She also has a body that appears weak that can shatter like ice from attacks, but can quickly reform with ease; She can also melt into water so that she can reform in a different place than where she was destroyed. The only way to negate the reformation power is to use a power that is stronger than Hielahiela that can destroy her instead of merely shattering her.


concept art

  • Hielahiela's ability to remove love and empathy from a person using a bow and arrow is an inversion and reference to the Greek god Cupid, who in popular culture used his arrows to infuse a person with love and desires.
  • Her name is a pun on Hieru (冷える), which means "to Cool Down"


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