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"How could you catch up to the flash?!"
―Hidou Swift Runner's final words before his death[src]

Hidou of the Swift Runner (韋駄天のヒドウ Idaten no Hidō) is a Ylabungora Alien (イラブンゴラ星人 Irabungora Seijin) working for the Universal Annihilation Army Warstar.

Character History

Hidou is summoned by Dereputa to assist in dealing with the Goseiger while he dealt with Alata. When he first appeared, the others had a hard time keeping up with his speed, but Alata was able to read his movements with the wind due to his Skyick abilities and thus discovered his weakness. However due to Dereputa targeting Alata, the other Goseiger are forced to train using Eri's Twistornado to read the wind and allow for them to fight Hidou on their own. When they face the Warstar Insect again, Alata is once again picked off by Dereputa, but the other four are able to use their training to finally read his speed and hit him with their Gosei Blasters. Using a combination of Hyde's Shark Headder and the Seaick Brothers, the Goseiger defeat Hidou with the Seaick Buster.

After Buredoran grows Hidou with Bibi Bugs, the Goseiger try to face it first with Gosei Great until Alata faints due to his fight with Dereputa wearing him out. Agri and Moune take over the battle, trying to catch up with Hidou using their speed and the Snake Headder's biting ability to slow it down. However their determination to not give up awakens new allies: the Landick Brothers, which they use to create Landick Gosei Great and catch up and ultimately defeat Hidou with the Landick Strike.


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  • Hidou's main ability and power is his speed, moving so fast that he can both attack and escape from all enemy attacks.

Behind the Scenes


Hidou of the Swift Runner was portrayed by Wataru Takagi


Hidou concept


  • Movie Reference: Hidou's name is from The Hidden (ヒドゥン Hidun).
    • The aliens in this movie have an obsession with "thrill killing", with the initial victim of them partaking on a high-speed car chase against the police before the human host is killed
  • Hidou is modeled after a dragonfly.
    • His home planet "Ylabungora" (イラブンゴラ) is "dragonfly" (ドラゴンフライ) scrambled, with the "do" kana removed and the "fu" kana accented.
  • The head part of the suit might have been modified into an announcer appeared in Episode 2 of Uchu Sentai Kyuranger.
Hidou head Announcer


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