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The Hidiacs are the undead soldiers that serve Necrolai, and all other evil forces.

Character History

These monsters were the footsoldiers that fought along with Morticon in the Great Battle 19 years ago, they were all sealed away by the Ancient Mystics. During the series, the Hidiacs are used by Necrolai in many battles, but sometimes they could be summoned by a monster, they often battle the Rangers multiple times. The majority of the Hidiacs were destroyed when Leanbow "destroyed" the Underworld in the final part of the two-part episode "Heir Apparent". The surviving Hidiacs were destroyed for good in the episodes "The Hunter", and "Light Source".


The Hidiacs are violent creatures that will attack any one in their paths. But they are also loyal to Necrolai and also their masters.

Power Level

Alone and/or in small groups, the Hidiacs are very weak and can easitly be dispatch by any weaponry used by the Rangers, but in larger groups however, they can be a problem, as shown in the episode "Soul Specter", they are also shown that they can overpower the Rangers while they are unmorphed, as shown in the first part of the two-part pilot episode of Power Rangers Mystic Force "Broken Spell".

Powers and Abilities

  • Mouth Slime Balls: The Hadiacs can fire purple colored explosive slime balls from their mouths.


  • Blades: The Hidiacs are armed with blade weapons that can be used in combat.


  • In the Power Rangers Mystic Force toyline, the Hidiacs are referred to as 'Evil Space Alien', instead of of their proper name, despite not being aliens from outer space or have anything to do with Rita and Zedd's group of villains. This is because 'Evil Space Alien' is a general term used by Bandai when releasing villains before they are explicitly named in the show.
  • In the toyline's figure of Hidiac, there is a button on its back that, when pressed, removes the Hidiac's mask, revealing a bugeyed, grimacing, fleshy red face.

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