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"We lost contact with air support over an hour ago, sir. What should I do, sir?"
―Corporal Hicks[src]

Corporal Hicks serves under Colonel Mason Truman. While Hicks is a capable soldier, he is curious and can be a bit clumsy, and is often seen absentmindedly fiddling with Dr. K's equipment.

In the episode Ranger Red, he didn't properly file the disk with the information to the location of The Battle of Corinth, inadvertently allowing Scott Truman to steal it and find the Remote Flux Overthruster Core Reactor. By the end of the season, like fellow soldier Vasquez, Hicks was eventually revealed to be a hybrid infected with Venjix technology.

After the (apparent) final destruction of Venjix in the season finale, Hicks was released from Venjix's control. He is last seen walking outside the dome with several other troops.


  • His name may be a reference to the movie Aliens.
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