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Hexuba's Graveyard is the fortieth episode of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, continuing the Lost Galaxy arc. The episode marks the last appearance of the monster Hexuba as well as the reappearance of fallen monsters and Treacheron.


Hexuba uses a magic ball to resurrect the ghosts of defeated monsters back from the grave to attack the Rangers. The Blue Ranger breaks Hexuba's magic ball. The Rangers must defend themselves when Hexuba absorbs the energy from several monsters and attacks the Rangers herself.


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"Ay-yi-yi, this place is a disaster!"

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Captain Mutiny goes to Hexuba’s lair to check on the spell the sorceress’ is making. Hexuba completes the spell and plans to use it to defeat the Rangers. Using the spell, she unleashes the spirit of Freaky Tiki, who confronts Leo while on his jog. Leo is shocked to see Freaky Tiki again, but he fights the monster. Freaky Tiki gets Leo on the ropes, but the rest of the morphed Rangers appear to back up their friend. Leo morphs, and the five Rangers fight against Freaky Tiki, with the former defeating the latter with a fully powered slash from his Quasar Saber. Once the Rangers take a breather, Leo explains how Freaky Tiki came back, and Karone sees another streak of light in the sky.

The Rangers confront a revived Teksa in the city area, but the latter overpowers them. Mike sees another streak of light from the bridge and warns the Rangers about it. Deciding to finish Teksa quickly, the Rangers pull out their Quasar Launchers, and Leo finishes him off. Afterwards, they follow the light to the warehouse district and fight a revived Horn, defeating him again with the Transdaggers Star Formation. Afterwards, Mike arrives morphed as the Magna Defender, warning them that Alpha located more light streaks coming into Terra Venture. Kai realizes they cannot keep fighting the monsters all day because they will eventually get worn out, so they must stop them at the source. Kai decides to find the source with his Jet Jammer while the others continue to fight the revived monsters at come.

As Kai flies off, the Rangers confront Samuron in an even match, but they manage to take him out. Then, Leo defeats Gasser with the Blaze of Fire. With more spirits coming in, the Rangers split up to cover more ground. Meanwhile, Mike beats Fishface with a couple of slashes before being confronted by Treacheron, who confuses him for the original Magna Defender. Regardless, Mike defends himself against Treacheron and the Swabbies. After taking out the Swabbies, Mike defeats Treacheron with his Magna Blaster.

In the forest, Leo and Maya take on Mutranum, while Damon and Karone take on Hardtochoke. The Green and Pink Rangers struggle against the monster, but Leo, Mike and Maya arrive to help their friends after defeating Mutranum and Treacheron. The five defeat Hardtochocke with combined blasts, but they are exhausted from the gauntlet of fights they endured.

Kai eventually makes his way to Hexuba’s lair and stops her from summoning Quakemaker. The two fight, but Hexuba puts the Blue Ranger on the ropes and manages to summon Quakemaker. Then, Hexuba ties Kai with blue energy, but the latter frees himself and destroys the crystal ball. Kai manages to escape before Hexuba’s lair explodes, seemingly taking the sorceress with it.

Meanwhile, the Rangers confront Quakemaker, but the monster takes advantage of their exhaustion. Fortunately, Kai arrives and defeats him with a powered-up slash. Kai says he managed to stop Hexuba from resurrecting any more monsters, only to see the sorceress fly into Terra Venture. They confront Hexuba in the city, who uses the spirits of the monsters to gain more power, turning blue as several monster faces grow on her body. The Rangers activate the Lights of Orion, but Hexuba survives the Power-Up attack. Leo activates his Red Armored Ranger mode and attacks Hexuba with his lasers. However, she tanks the attack and grows into a giant.

The Rangers summon their Galactabeasts and the Torozord, forming the Galaxy Megazord Power-Up Mode and Defender Torozord respectively. Hexuba ties the Megazords up with her tentacles and shocks them to the point they fall. In desperation, Leo calls for the Centaurus and Stratoforce Megazords, and the duo begin to overpower Hexuba with their combined attacks. Once the Galaxy Megazord gets back on its feet, the Rangers destroy Hexuba with the Galaxy Megazord Saber, ending the sorceress’ life.

Later that day, Commander Stanton brings Kai and Mike to the bridge to meet with High Councilor Renier. Stanton brings in dire news; Terra Venture’s fuel reserves have been tainted, and once they lose engine power, the colony’s environmental power will go as well. That means everything in the colony will freeze to death, and to make things dire, Stanton says they only have a few days before everything shuts down. The episode ends as the weight of the news hits Kai, Mike and Renier hard.



  • Teksa flew in with a yellow streak but landed with a blue streak.
  • Teksa was destroyed by Trakeena in the episode An Evil Game, he never faced the Power Rangers directly on any occasion. However, the Rangers recognized him when he was revived.
  • Although the Rangers threw down their crystals, the regular Quasar Launchers were summoned instead of the Galaxy Quasar Launchers.
  • Some streaks of light were left unaccounted for at the end of the episode.
  • Mike didn't recognize Hexuba's name despite having fought her and being responsible for foiling her plan in the previous episode. However, he may have simply not known what she was called.
  • Kai and Karone swapped places in the Ranger line-up upon the switch to Sentai footage prior to summoning the Lights of Orion.
  • When Treacheron first appears, he states that he is angry at what Mike/the Magna Defender did to him. However, neither Mike nor the Magna Defender had anything to do with Treacheron's destruction, as Leo destroyed him and Mike wasn't even around at the time.
  • When Mike destroys Treacheron with his blaster, he doesn't actually hit the former general with any of his shots.
  • While looking at the two streaks of light the zippers of Leo and Damon’s suits can be seen.
  • Destuxo’s voice sounds slightly higher in this episode.
  • When Destruxo explodes, the computer stand next to him shifts a bit to the left.
  • The footages from when Horn is destroyed, don’t match up well. Due to a reused footage from Rookie in Red, which could’ve been avoided.


  • LG Conglomerate Hexuba.jpg
    Hexuba's "powered up" form used the head of a blue and red monster on her right shoulder (unused in this series).
  • At the end of the episode, Commander Stanton reveals to Mike, Kai, and High Councilor Renier that Terra Venture's fuel reserves have been discovered to be tainted. Once they run out of good fuel, they will lose engine power, and with it, environmental controls; eventually all systems will shut down. They only have a day or two before this happens.
  • Treacheron was unaware that Mike was now the Magna Defender, yet Mike had known who Treacheron was. It is possible that Mike and the original Magna Defender had shared memories.
  • This marks the final appearance of the regular Quasar Launchers.
  • Only Leo, Kai, and Mike appeared morphed and unmorphed during the episode. Leo appears unmorphed at the beginning of the episode, Kai at the end of the episode and Mike appears twice unmorphed: after the beginning and at the end of the episode.

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