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Hexanoid: Hanabikinikibinasu (ヘキサノイド・ハナビキニキビーナス, Hekusunoido Hanabikinikibīnasu) (Movie): Hanabi (Fireworks) + Bikini + Nikibi (Pimple) + Bee + Venus (Binasu) + Nasu (Eggplant)


An assassin, she was created by Mikela and sent to kill Princess Freesia, froze Emiri Imanaka with her "Venus Scattershot" until the end of the film's ending credits. She used her various bees to shrink Yukito Sanjyou and unintentionally created clones of Ranru Itsuki. Though her body was immune to outside attack, the small AbareBlue defeated her from the inside out.

After her defeat, the Life Berry could not enlarge her since she's made from 6 components instead of the usual 3.


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