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Hermit Crab Mozoo (ヤドカリモズー Yadokari Mozū, 32) is the hermit crab-theme Synthetic Beast of the Dark Science Empire Deathdark

Character History

Attack a seafood market. He took the skeletons of the three workers and bystanders. During his attack at a common area, he was stopped by Goggle V. Yadokani used Tentacle Whip at Goggle V. Goggle V attack back with Lightning Balls, but quick move back to the shell saved him. Then disappeared in a cloud of smoke. Yadokani and Goggle Red fought at an aquarium, then both retreated. Attack some kids and then Goggle V attacked back. Lost his shell then left. Got it back at the aquarium. Goggle V saved the guard from the aquarium and the boy from getting gassed. During the battle with Goggle V use the Gas in which took out the Spotmen, the Tentacle Whip, Shell Bombs, and Net at Goggle V. But denied by the batons. Goggle Yellow used Yellow Holed

igging and then Goggle V used Lightning Balls, defeated the first time by Goggle Victory Flash. Lost his shell again with all of the skeletons inside. Revived by Yadokani Kong. Goggle V attack with Hand Missile, Flash, and finally defeated by Earth Sword with Electron Galaxy Cut.


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He could turn into a hermit crab, emit a spray from his mouth that robbed people of their skeletons, had a pair of extendable whips, could throw webs and grenades, carried a shell with a machine gun, he could teleport, and his mouth could spew flames and a net.

Behind the Scenes


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