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"Gekiwaza: Beast-Fist Fusion! GekiFire, burning up!"

Herculean Giant GekiFire (剛力巨人ゲキファイヤー Gōriki Kyojin GekiFaiyā) is the form that the Super Gekirangers take from combining the three Super GekiBeasts (スーパーゲキビースト ,Sūpā GekiBīsuto) they obtained with the "Extreme Geki" power. While not as fast or agile as Beast-Fist Giant GekiTohja, GekiFire makes up for it with its greater durability and overwhelming power. Rather than spinning like a top, GekiFire's finishing Gekiwazas rely on vertical arm swings. Like GekiTohja, it can combine with the Legendary GekiBeasts to obtain new weapons and abilities.

Its suit actor was Hirofumi Fukuzawa.

Zyuohger vs. Ninninger

40 Sentai mecha

Zyuoh Ninnin Super Sentai Burst.

Representing Gekiranger, GekiFire appeared among manifestations of the first 38 Super Sentai's mecha that granted Wild Tousai Shuriken King the power to perform the Zyuoh Ninnin Super Sentai Burst which destroyed the titanic Gillmarda. Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger vs. Ninninger: Message from the Future from Super Sentai

Super GekiBeasts


"Gekiwaza: Twice-Twice Clone Fist! GekiGorilla!"

GekiGorilla (ゲキゴリラ GekiGorira) is GekiRed's Super GekiBeast that he obtains from mastering the Gorilla-Fist style and achieving Super-form. It forms the head, arms and torso of GekiFire. In battle, GekiGorilla delivers powerful blows with its fists and can generate a wave of concussive energy by beating its chest. 


"Gekiwaza: Twice-Twice Clone Fist! GekiPenguin!"

GekiPenguin (ゲキペンギン GekiPengin) is GekiYellow's Super GekiBeast that she obtains from mastering the Penguin-Fist style and achieving Super-form. It makes up for its diminutive size by riding a Jetboard (ジェットボード Jettobōdo) that it can also use in slamming attacks against giant sized opponents or to generate a slipstream of kageki that GekiGorilla can swing from. GekiPenguin and its board form GekiFire's left leg with the bow of the jetboard forming the helmet. 


"Gekiwaza: Twice-Twice Clone Fist! GekiGazelle!"

GekiGazelle (ゲキガゼル GekiGazeru) is GekiBlue's Super GekiBeast that he obtains from mastering the Gazelle-Fist style and achieving Super-form. In addition to its horns and powerful kicks, GekiGazelle can perform a team attack with GekiPenguin, kicking the back end of the Jetboard to propel GekiPenguin through an opponent like a bullet. The attack can be further augmented with GekiGorilla's beat attack for even more destructive power. It forms GekiFire's right leg.


Herculean Giant GekiSharkFire

"Gekiwaza: Beast-Fist Armament! GekiSharkFire, burning up!"
GekiSharkFire is the combination of Geki Fire and Geki Shark.Geki Shark's tail becomes blade like weapon like Geki sabers and the head becomes helmet.It's finisher attack is slash-slash saber cutting which GekiSharkFire vertically spins the blade-like weapon and continuously slash the opponent.

Herculean Giant GekiElephantFire

"Gekiwaza: Beast-Fist Armament! GekiElephantFire, burning up!"
GekiElephantFire is the combination of GekiFire and GekiElephant. GekiElephant's body becomes shoulder armor and its head becomes the weapon called the Ele Hammer, similar to the Geki Hammer. It's finisher attack is Bullet-Bullet Hammer Leveling which GekiElephantFire spins the Ele Hammer to gain momentum and throws it into opponent.


"Gekiwaza: Beast-Fist Armament! GekiBatFire, burning up!"
Height: 62.2m

Weight: 4500 tons

GekiBatFire is a combination between GekiFire and GekiBat. It first appeared in episode 24. When Geki Bat combines with GekiFire it gains wing blades and ability to fly. Its finsher attack is Spin-Spin Fan Fist, in which GekiBatFire gains momentum and then punches repeatedly on its opponent.


GekiFire Gekiwaza

  • Firm-Firm Knuckle Dropping (頑頑ナックル落とし Gan Gan Nakkuru Otoshi): GekiFire's basic finisher where it swings its arms in circles before smashing the opponent with its fists.
  • Slash-Slash Saber Cutting (斬斬セイバー斬り Zan Zan Seibā Giri): GekiSharkFire swings its arms and slashes the opponent to pieces with the GekiShark armaments.
  • Bullet-Bullet Hammer Leveling (弾弾ハンマー崩し Dan Dan Hanmā Kuzushi): GekiElephantFire swings the EleHammer in circles to gather momentum before crushing the opponent with a single blow.
  • Spin-Spin Fan Fist (分分ファン拳 Bun Bun Fan Kobushi): GekiBatFire flies at the opponent, adding momentum to its attack as it repeatedly punches the opponent.
  • Fire Break Big Assault (ファイヤー砕大突撃 Faiyā Sai Dai Totsugeki): GekiWolf, GekiPenguin, and GekiGazelle attack the opponent before SaiDain knocks them into the air with a double slash of its horn so GekiGorilla can finish the opponent off with its hammer-punches.

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