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Henry Cannon on set as Mr. Caplan.

Henry Cannon played Mr. Caplan in the early seasons of Power Rangers. Cannon has never appeared in any other recurring (i.e. movie and television) roles before or since that time. 

He was on Power Rangers for 29 episodes over the course of five seasons. In 1997, he was dismissed from Saban Entertainment and released from his "day player" contract for a currently-unexplained reason; his final appearance on the show as Caplan was Carlos and the Count. His character was forgotten about after this episode. Because of this, he never appears in Power Rangers in Space or Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, nor is the Caplan character referenced in those seasons.

Cannon later made an appearance as George Washington in G4's Attack of the Show in 2010. The skit is called "That 1770's Show." In it, he plays George Washington and is trying to legalize marijuana.

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