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"Wrong! They're going to fight for me! A new toy - I'll enjoy this! Hengemen, show me what you've got!"
Void Knight when using the Hengemen Dino Fury Key to take control of the Hengemen.[src]

―Monster summons them

The Hengemen are the pawn/conquistador-themed foot soldiers in Power Rangers Dino Fury who serve Void Knight and the Void Family.


Void Knight taking control of the Hengemen

The Hengemen were originally guards in Dinohenge that watch over Zayto and Solon and could be controlled via a Dino Fury Key. However when Void Knight attacked Dinohenge, Solon attempted to give Ollie and Amelia their control Key, only for the warrior to take it first and seize control over the army.

Aqua Hengemen.jpg

Later on, Wreckmate would utilize Aqua Hengemen, a variant that wore scuba gear to fight the Rangers.


Hengemen being destroyed.

Prior to their allegiance to Void Knight, the Hengemen were once noble warriors who fought alongside the forces of good. However, once the warlord took control of them, the Hengemen became loyal servants to the forces of evil. They communicate only with grunts and forceful yells.

Powers and Abilities


Hengemen (portal).gif
  • Portal Creation: They can create a purple and black portal to teleport from one place to another. They mostly do this when they are called into battle by a Sporix Beast or any major members of the Void Family.
    • Teleportation: Alternatively in the episode "Ancient History", the Hengemen can teleport in a vertical purple energy column without having to create a portal.


  • Lance Proficiency: The Hengemen are proficient in using their lances for battle.
  • Robotic Experts: The Hengemen appear to be experts in making other robots, as seen when they were building Snageye.


  • Little Durability: The Hengemen are not much durable since they can be easily destroyed and break apart into rock fragments.


  • Lance: The Hengemen wield lances that they use to battle the Rangers.
  • Shield: The Hengemen are armed with shields on their back.

Dino Fury Key

Hengemen Key (artist rendition)

Hengemen Key (Knight Mode) (artist rendition)

The Hengemen Key is an auxiliary Dino Fury Key used to activate the Hengemen via the Chromafury Saber. It initially belonged to the Dino Fury Rangers, but it was stolen by Void Knight when Solon tried to give it to Ollie Akana.

Behind the Scenes


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  • The Hengemen's name is a wordplay of "henchmen" and according to the dictionary, the word "henge" means "a prehistoric monument consisting of a circle of stone". This is fitting, considering that they're made of rock/stone, have their place as statues when not activated, are prehistoric-themed, and hail from Dinohenge.
    • In-story, the name would have referred only to their connection to Dinohenge, as they were not originally intended to be used as villainous henchmen.


  • The Hengemen have significant similarities to the Rinshi from Power Rangers Jungle Fury, since both use spears as their weapons and communicate only in yells and grunts.
  • The Hengemen are the third foot soldiers, after the Tronics from Power Rangers Beast Morphers and the Cyclobots from Power Rangers Time Force not to start out as evil, since they only became evil when their respective villains took command.
    • Admittedly, however, the Tronics were created by an evil being called Scrozzle, and they just weren't used against the Grid Battleforce Rangers until Venjix/Evox threatened to destroy him if he didn't serve them.
    • For the Cyclobots, when Ransik attacked and injured Dr. Louis Fericks, forcing him to transform himself into Frax, the Cyclobots turn evil.


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