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Helping Hand is the nineteenth episode of Power Rangers Ninja Steel and the first part of the two-part season finale. It introduces the combination of the Ninja Steel Megazord, Bull Rider Megazord, and Lion Fire Zord into the Ninja Ultrazord.


While Sarah deals with issues at school, the rangers must overcome an invincible force field.


The episode begins with Sarah giving Preston a ride on her hoverboard when suddenly the battery dies. Preston gives her an idea; she can create a new battery for her hoverboard in order to get extra credit in shop class. While she is working, her mom shows up to help her and present her inventions.

In the Warrior Dome, Cosmo introduces Forcefear, who can create a very powerful force field to prevent the Rangers from attacking him.

Victor and Monty introduce their project for shop class, a metal magnet that can attract numerous metallic objects. After testing it on a hubcap, they end up passing. After that, Sarah's mom shows up, having create a supercharger to help create the battery. It doesn't work and Sarah is angry at her mom for not being very helpful.

Forcefear shows up along with reinforcements, and the Rangers battle. He blocks their attacks using his force field. The Rangers pretend to leave, and Madame Odius shows up and tells Forcefear that he failed. The Rangers learn that Forcefear will be Gigantified so that his force field is even stronger.

Back at the base, the Ninja Nexus Prism shows the Ninja Steel Ultrazord, a combination of the Lion Fire Megazord, Ninja Steel Megazord, and Bull Rider Megazord. There is a small amount of Ninja Steel left, and they hope that it's enough. Mick shows that he's been scanning the universe for some more Ninja Steel.

When Redbot notices that the new star isn't working, Sarah begins questioning him on specifics. When Redbot snaps, Sarah apologizes, and she realizes that that is what happened with her mom. When Redbot apologizes, Sarah realizes that the charger her mom made should be enough to power a Ninja Star.

The Rangers used their fully-charge star to create the Ninja Ultrazord as soon as a gigantified Forcefear shows up. They use it to destroy Forcefear and his force field. Sarah returns to her home and apologizes to her mom for being so harsh.

Victor and Monty's magnet accidentally catches the Ninja Power Stars and Galvanax shows up to take them.

To Be Continued...


Ninja Power Stars


  • Victor and Monty say that their machine will find and attract any metal and they demonstrate this using a hubcap. This, however, appears to be a modern hubcap which would mean that It would be made of plastic and thus would not be attracted to the device. 
  • When the Ninja Steel is almost finished charging eventually turning into the Ninja Ultra Power Star, a Ninja Ultra Power Star can be seen before the Ninja Steel is finished charging.
  • The Ninja Steel Megazord cockpit only had four podiums after the Red Ranger left the cockpit, the Ninja Steel Megazord’s cockpit podiums rearranged.
  • When the Ninja Steel Megazord and the Bull Rider Megazord appear, the Gold Ranger does not say "Bull Rider Megazord, ready."
  • Sarah tells the other five Rangers that they need to search a different space quadrant.
  • Akihiro “Yuji” Noguchi was incorrectly credited as the “2nd Unit Director 2nd Unit Director”.
  • Brody addresses Forcefear by name after morphing, without previous knowledge of his name.
    • However, it is possible he met Forcefear on the Warrior Dome.
  • The Power Stars on Victor and Monty's magnet continue to switch places with each other. In addition some of them somehow end up behind the magnet.
  • For an unknown reason Darren Young was not shown in the credits voicing Forcefear.
    • This however was fixed later on.


  • This is the first time the Pink Ranger wields the Ninja Master Blade.
  • Victor and Monty get captured by Galvanax.
  • This marks the final time that the Rangers use Ninja Master Mode.
  • The Ninja Ultrazord and Ninja Ultra Power Star was introduced.
  • This is the first mention of the meteor with Super Ninja Steel.

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