This article is about a/an Precious in GoGo Sentai Boukenger.

Helmet of Ryuuwon

  • Hazard Level: 243

Helmet of Ryuuwon (リュウオーンの兜 Ryūōn no Kabuto) is actually a Lemuria Precious that imbues immortality to the wearer. Creator King Ryuuwon modified and improved it. However, it also fuses to the flesh of its wearer, turning them into a reptilian humanoid with the ability to recover over 85% of damaged flesh to complete health and allowing its wearer to survive without consuming water. Ryuuwon had worn this Precious two centuries ago, turning him into his current form. However, its power ultimately faded, and Ryuuwon reverted to a human.


After he appears to die due to over-exertion culminating in the failure of obtaining Pandora's Box, the Precious detector is set off by the helmet making the Boukengers realize that it was a Precious itself, most likely of Lemurian origin, and that it should be stored within SGS's Precious Bank. However it was all a ruse, becoming a means for Ryuuwon to sneak into the bank undetected as a means to reobtain the Egg of Lemuria. Task. 47: The Box of Despair

It is unknown whether the helmet was a true Precious or not: it may have been but it was always on his head even when originally transformed and likewise disappeared when Ryuuwon changed back into a human. Due to Precious ultimately being defined as artifacts given power by people's dreams, it is possible that the helmet itself became such an artifact due to Ryuuwon's connection to it during his brief departure and that it may have gained some power that others may have used themselves.


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