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Flame Psyma Beast Hellgerus was a three-headed dragon-style Psyma Beast summoned by Infant Demon Drop.

Character History

Hellgerus was sent forth to use its fire to reactivate a dormant volcano, forcing it to cause an eruption that will both kill and destroy the masses while creating new Negative Energy for the Psyma mother, Grand Witch Grandiene. When the tremors associated with potential volcanic activity emerge, Matsuri is sent to a seismic center to help investigate, nearly derailed due to a criminal taking the bus hostage but ultimately redeemed after he is saved due to nearly being thrown off the bus. GoGoFive reach the volcano and face Hellgerus, with Matoi using the Build Discharger to put out its flames, then defeating it first with the Life Bird Breaker Mode, then with Victory Robo after it is revived.

However, Grandiene's revival of Magma Golem immediately leads to Hellgerus reviving once again, this time empowered by the witch's magic into Golem Hellgerus. Combined with Magma Golem, Hellgerus crushes Victory Robo and reactivates the volcano causing eruptions that strike the local vicinity. When GoGoFive return to try and use Victory Robo once again, both it and Magma Golem attack until the heroes withdraw in order to use the GoLiners instead to fuse into the powerful Grand Liner. Using Liner Homing and Liner Gatling weapons, GoGoFive easily crush Golem Hellgerus.


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Its main ability is to use its three heads to create a massive wave of fire for attack purposes.

After being revived and transformed by Magma Golem, Golem Hellgerus gains a sword and tri-colored lightning attacks from its heads.

Behind the Scenes

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  • His name is a fusion of "Hell" and "Cerberus"

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