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Hell Painting Bōma (ジゴクエボーマ Jigokue Bōma) is a Boma Beast of the Hundred Boma Tribes who only swears allegiance to Great Boma Emperor Lagorn

Character History

Hell Painting Boma was sealed within a painting hidden in a storage room at Musashino Academy, where he remain undisturbed until Shunsuke Hino clumsily breaks his Lakia seal while cleaning the room as a punishment for destroying a statue in art class. While Kirika initially tries to recruit him for the Boma, he only swears allegiance to Lagorn due to not having any trust or interest in the Wandering Boma; Lagorn lets him handle his own methods without her or Yamimaru interfering. With it fighting on his own, Hell Painting Boma immediately hides within an art museum, where he abducts three of the Turboranger with his methods; when Riki and Shunsuke try to fight him, he proves too powerful due to his illusions and his ability to heal himself. However, Yellow Turbo accidentally discovers a weakness when he throws a vase at the painting Hell Painting Boma emerged from, hitting the white spot on his forehead making him "bleed" from the painting itself.

As the two Turboranger withdrew to figure out strategy, Hell Painting Boma continues to abduct people for power, but the duo return to face him. Realizing that his strategy involved absorbing colors for his strength, Red Turbo and Yellow Turbo both power down into their "powerless suit" modes in order to enter the Hell Painting dimension without being absorbed. They launch an attack but have a hard time until Shunsuke remembers the white spot weakpoint; shooting his "powerless" B Bowgun at the point, it weakens Hell Painting Boma and releases everyone from the painting. The Turboranger counter, finishing with a Combination Attack/B Bowgun combo that finally destroys him. When he revives and grows on his own, the Turboranger make quick work of him with the Turbo Rugger.


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Possessing the strongest illusion power of the Boma, Hell Painting Boma uses this to elude those around it while capturing them within its painting dimension, where it steals their colors to make itself more powerful. Due to its connection to the painting, it is invincible throughout its entire body and can heal any wounds instantly with a brush it has on its finger that repaints it. Its only weak point is the white gem on its forehead, the only point in the painting which does not have any paint on it at all; this goes both for the physical body as well as the painting it is connected with.

Behind the Scenes


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