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"I've found you! Megaranger!"
―Hell Nezilar's first words[src]

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Character History

A bat/grim reaper designed Psycho-Nezilar who was created to force the core Megaranger to expose themselves in their High School, which they did. He managed to turn the heroes' schoolmates and friends against them causing them to lose the will to fight. During a later battle at the warehouse the Megaranger fled to, though Hell Nezilar managed to overpower MegaSilver who was protecting his teammates, once he helped the five regain their will to fight they were able to transform and ended up fighting Hell Nezilar, defeating him with the Super Drill Sniper Custom. Killed by Mega Voyager.


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Modus and Arsenal

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Behind the Scenes

  • Hell Nezilar's suit is a rebuilt and modified version of Lizard Nezilar suit.

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